#280Characters on Twitter deemed to be useless!

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140 characters that defined Twitter, is now a thing of the past. The social networking service has changed its minimum character limit for tweets from 140 to 280. Maybe not in China, Japan and Korea because their alphabets do the job in about average 15 characters.


Twitter lost one thing that they ruled and along goes the charm as well. It took so many brands ages to come to speed with defined Twitter strategy around limited character and around sending their brand messages in a more crisp and snack-able manner.


This new change has raised a lot of questions and there a predictions on whether this is going to work or not. While some brands took advantage and very smartly used the trending hashtag to get more engagement, most handles have just been making jokes on this new development.

Twitter #280characters

Twitter #280characters

RIP 140


So what changes with character limit extension and how it makes no good difference?


Here goes;


Broadcasting? No Thank You!


News worthy content breaks out on Twitter first. It is or rather was the perfect place to send out quick updates and build threads of meaningful conversations (for some brands). With additional space to add more information there will be marketing managers under peer pressure from people with zero idea to add more information even when it is not required.


Speed and Real time nature slows down! 


This platform sort of ran on real time conversations and led to topics that helped bring important information to the masses with no extra money push. However now it leads to a more lethargic way of communication quite similar to Facebook where you can post a long formatted post and come back to it later.


#280character testing didn’t work out to support the change in the first place!


Before rolling this out to everyone, Twitter made this available only to some people. Only about 4-5% people used more than 140 characters and barely 3% used 190 characters.


With such an unwelcoming reaction from majority, Twitter is still quite positive about the change and feel that people will “now start feeling good” about using Twitter.


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