About Us

Hello! I’m KB.

During the day I make digital strategy for a multi-national & rest of the time I try to make my dreams come true!

A part of my dream is, clicksdaily!

We’re all hooked to our devices all the time. Our laptops, mobile devices, iPads are an integral part of our living self. Half the time we don’t even know it. One click, two clicks, three clicks and so we pass hours.

Maybe in the coming years the content we’re reading or viewing might change but there’s a long way before we stop “clicking” for more.

That’s why the name, clicksdaily!

You can tell your friends that we are a content website & blog that gives information about digital culture &  the medium. Sometimes we talk about how this medium should & should not be used, we also share our lateral perspective on some trends that are making or breaking the internet, about brands that we love and from time to time we’ll try and share some inspirational stories. We encourage discussion, so please feel free to drop a few words!

A big hello from me!

I’m Apurva and I’m the Co-Founder & Partner of clicksdaily!

My key role in this setup is to constantly contribute to writing ideas and help KB work on a long-term strategy.

Our objective for the next few years is to build a strong user base and expand the team with more passionate writers.