About Us


I’m KB.

During the day I make digital strategy for an MNC & rest of the time I try to make my dreams come true!

Before I tell you what we do & why, you should know why I chose the name – clicksdaily!

We’re all hooked to our devices all the time. We’re either on our mobile phones or laptops busy consuming content. Half the time we don’t even know it. One click, two clicks, three clicks and so we pass hours.

With time, the content that we’re reading or viewing might change but there’s a long way to us stopping to click for more.

Whether you’re on a banking site transferring money, or uploading pictures from your holiday, creating a story or anything. You click to enter a site, you click while browsing, you even click to leave a site.

Clicks are valuable to every online business. So, we are your clicksdaily!

You can tell your friends that we are a content website & blog that gives information about digital culture &  the medium. Sometimes we talk about how this medium should & should not be used, we also share our lateral perspective on some trends that are making or breaking the internet, about brands that we love and from time to time we’ll try and share some inspirational stories.

We also encourage discussion so please feel free to drop a few words 🙂