About Us

Before you read any information about who we are, you should know why the name – Clicksdaily! The kind of information you consume on a daily basis might change, the device you’re using today to browse, might change, your social media preferred site might change but it’s unlikely for you to stop consuming content online.

Your top source of content will always be the internet. Whether you’re on a banking site transferring money, or uploading your pictures from your Europe trip on Facebook, or maybe participating in a Twitter banter. The common gesture before you enter a site, browse a site or leave a site is always a click.

For every online business clicks are valuable, hence we are your Clicksdaily!

You can define us as your daily go to online magazine on information about digital culture & medium. On how it should & should not be used, our lateral perspective on some trends that are making or breaking the internet, about brands that we love & brands that we hate love not so much, light hearted content for entertainment, some food for thought which will inspire you (so we believe).

We also encourage discussion so please feel free to drop a few words 🙂

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