Amazon Introduces another Groundbreaking yet Controversial service!

Amazon Key - New Service

About 23 years back an online bookstore brought a revolution that changed the way we shop today. Known to create groundbreaking products consistently, Amazon also gives great importance to customer service. Therefore, about more than a decade ago Amazon introduced its exclusive service for its customers. This service was called Prime.

Even today, Prime customers enjoy numerous privileges like access to Amazon Prime Videos, same day/one–two day product delivery for some products & special discounts from time to time.

The most important factor for customers who shop online is faster delivery. This factor makes more people visit Amazon over any other online retail store. However, the customer may not always be available at home to receive their package.

Keeping this in mind Amazon introduced a new service that allows couriers from Amazon to unlock your door and keep your package safely inside when you’re not at home. This service is called Amazon Key.

Amazon Key works with Amazon’s new Cloud Cam and a smart lock. Currently this is rolled out in about 37 cities in the US. All Prime members in this region will see in-home delivery option after installing this service.

Amazon Key comes with a central camera and compatible locks. The camera will connect to your home Wi-Fi and can also be integrated with Alexa. On the day of your product delivery you’ll get a notification in the morning with the time slot between which your order will get delivered. You will also receive a notification when the courier reaches your door step.

Courier is mandated to ring the bell or knock the door in case there’s somebody at home. If nobody’s home then the courier scans the bar code which sends a request to Amazon’s cloud and after all the checks the camera starts to record the video. Then the courier is prompted to swipe the screen and unlock your door. The courier will open the door as less as possible and will place the product and shut the door. While this goes on you can also watch the live video of your order being delivered safely by the courier.

The camera that comes along with this package can also be used for other purposes around home when not being used for in-home delivery.

Now, the Big question.

How safe is this?

It is too soon to say but the success of this product depends on the trust level of the customers in Amazon. While Amazon puts their customer service on the forefront can they guarantee security with Amazon Key?

Right now, Amazon is not passing its courier services to a third party for in-home delivery but for how long?

According to us, this is a high-risk area unless it has been completely fool proofed. Even after that how does Amazon plan to take care of potential online threats?

It’s quite debatable because tech companies introduce new products and services to make lives of customers easier but it all comes down to trust. Just the way we were not very comfortable with finger print for banking transaction, just like how we reacted to face recognition, maybe this service is also here to stay.

Watch the video here:

image credits: verge

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