Content Marketing | It’s more about how you write than what you write

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Some time back we posted an article on how every writer is a good writer and all they need to do is find their audience.

However, it’s not the same when it comes to producing content for customers.

Communication with customers is driven towards an objective. To meet this certain objective, you can’t create content that suits your mood, it needs to be conditioned well so as to suit your customers’ liking.

You can be a marketer, content writer or copy writer, but while working on content for your customer you need to follow a few rules that’ll fit in the constantly changing methods of the marketing industry.

Keep originality and reference hand in hand

There is a huge competition among brands across various industries that it often leaves most marketers to simply copy & re-hash content material that is easily available in the public space.

It is not the most credible way and does not set you apart from the crowd. Your brand communication ends up being just another of something similar and won’t get you the right attention & hence business.

Create content using information that is unique to your brand. If you don’t have anything that sets you apart, then represent information in a way that makes it look like its unique.

While working on online communication, it is necessary to use the most relevant & most searched keywords in your online communication but some people copy paste bits & pieces from many different sources & make it a part of their communication. Please avoid that.

Impart knowledge and not drive sales

Your customers are probably getting bombarded by messages & emails from your sales team and endless adverts following them around.

They get the message of what you’re trying to sell from multiple sources.

Next time you sit down working on a communication plan for your brand, take this as an opportunity to connect with the customer. You can’t connect by putting your product name all over the collaterals or by shoving the products and deals in their faces.

Educate your customers about the company, about the products, about your service, about the team behind it, about your goals and vision.

As a marketer, your role is to make customers “like” your brand. It can only be accomplished if you show the human side of your brand.

Instead of saying;

“Last 2 days for the mega sale to end”

Try saying,

“We have a new offer, thought you’d like to know more about it”

While the first one sounds very catchy but will get you more clicks & will be forgotten soon. The latter however, shows that you have something more to tell, therefore it will build intrigue and will get you genuine attention & eventually conversions.

Discard pointless information in your pitch

Some brands try to push as much information as they can just because they’re spending money in one communication or in one content piece; totally defeating the purpose of communicating.

No one really reads the long page introduction that you add; no one really cares so much about the disclaimer that you add everywhere.

Keep your messaging crisp and tight so the message is easily grasped and more can be absorbed.

Always add a redirect for disclaimers & terms that can be read if required. Don’t add it to collaterals just as additional information that only takes up space.

Include data analysis and research

Most commonly, media campaigns are backed up by analysis and research and no one really puts effort in understanding their brand’s content performance.

Usually closure on content is based on open ended discussions like; does the content sound smarter than last time, whether it captures all the points or not.

A little bit research on what type of your content gathers most visits, or what type of questions do your customers seek more information from; will increase your content performance.


Attention span of readers is growing slower and slower as we speak. Speak the truth and in as many words as necessary. If customers want more information they’ll ask you. Don’t put everything when you’re trying to get only attention.

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