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I often sit back to think how some people are such smooth talkers, how they get creative ideas every single time and easily get any job done. These are also the set of people who can get any idea or proposal approved by their business partners, stakeholders or their clients.

Sometimes few big gun agencies fail to get an idea cracked with their clients and you’ll notice a budding entrepreneur with his small startup winning a big pitch and making a case study for his own brand!

Me: What do they have that most of us don’t?

Partner: A great idea & the passion that drives it to reality.

So, I started noticing these individuals who make such big achievements look so natural. They have not just pushed their company upwards but they have also made themselves known as experts and leaders by branding themselves.

It is not just the idea & passion it is how they got the idea and how they built that passion.

After a good deal of observation and browsing through many “how to” articles I have come to realize there are just three important factors that can make you a brand that will take your business or company or team on the ladder to success!

Knowledge & Research – The way to get anybody to agree with your ideas is to understand their business the way they do. It’s better if you do more research and understand the product or service better than the brand or business owner.  There are mostly two cases here, if you’re pitching for a brand you can ask as many questions and do a lot of research to build an idea that no one can refuse.

If you’re a marketer and looking at pitching an idea to your own business teams then its given that you would know the business extremely well. This is where some marketers take their own stakeholders for granted and often their ideas don’t see the day light.

An expert marketer who has great brand knowledge and in depth research to back-up will rarely get a rejection for his ideas.

Confidence & Simplicity – It’s always not about the content but about the way you present it. Similarly, it’s not the idea but more of the one speaking the idea that is the deciding factor. If you speak your idea with less energy and interest its already a bad idea in the eyes of your audience. If you don’t believe in what you’re proposing then who else will?

Some marketers spend so much time building a complex strategy which dies out faster than it lights up. Most famous campaigns around the world are the ones that have been the simplest of all.

Building a simple creative idea is the hardest, but it pays off well.

Our favourite example;

Ogilvy - Tic Tac Ad Campaign
Ogilvy Tic Tac Ad Campaign

Execution & Analysis – Most big ideas have failed because the amount of effort put in creating the idea and convincing the teams dies down the moment it is approved. The team that presents the ideas completely changes when the time to start the actual work comes on board.

It is often perceived that the important job is to create an idea and win it. But the real dirty work that makes the idea a reality does not really hold any ground. Reason why most companies have all senior individuals during the ideation stage and then starts the delegation of the tit bits. We’re not saying that the work should not be delegated, but the ownership should not be diluted.

Job status at every stage matters, analysis of how the idea is spreading out across mediums bridges the gap between the effort and results.

Your idea is your vision, if you leave it unattended you will lose sight eventually.

You can decide to build your personality the way you like, but the above mentioned three points are main and will be the differentiator between a marketer with potential and a marketer with vision.

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