The pursuit of a promising career in Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Career

About 10 to 12 years back, professionals just happened to land in their digital marketing jobs. If you ask them today they’ll tell you how just being active on social media and being able to write a grammatically correct 500 words article got them a job in digital marketing start-ups.

Mind you, these start-ups are now one of the world’s biggest or a part of one of the world’s biggest enterprises.

Back then, job profiles in digital comprised of anything from posting content on Facebook & Twitter, for writing posts & tweets, creating contests for social media, and for merely just making a brand #tag trend on Twitter.

Social media managers who could make a #tag trend by “their engagement strategies” were mostly the star performers. Anything and everything different that happened from then on became viral.

Over used to abused.

This all led to a lot of pressure on marketers to think out of some freakin box.

It has not been easy; it has been a helluva ride.

If you’re brave and still have the zeal to grow in this industry and build a promising career then you must keep reading.

Creative Communication vs. Understanding

Attention span of online users has only reduced as compared to the increasing speed of content creation. To the consumer there is a lot on the web that is more interesting than your brand story. To avoid your customer from distraction you need to build a communication that is spot on, true, creative & snack-able. Invest time in research and understanding your product thoroughly and then the outcome of your ideas will always be creative.  

Become Channel Experts

10 years back a digital strategist worked on one strategy and that was meant to be tried and tested on various channels. Today, domain knowledge extends from mere channels to customer relations, customer conversations, customer lifecycles and analytics. For a fulfilling and growing career a digital marketer must understand every channel, every element, every device that connects their brand to the customer.    

Trends Knowledge & Punctuality

The time your last brand #tag trended on social or how viral your video was is not the metrics that define trends knowledge anymore. Trends is to also understand the pattern of your customer behaviour, the time when your brand story works the most, customer’s content consumption habits, the sentiments of your customers attached to your brand. All of this put together can help you create a solid strategy and ideas that will last. And it will not matter if you’re not quick. Be alert, be precise & be on time.

Focus on end to end Acquisition

Acquisition is not the last part but it is a process. Every level leading to the final conversion is an acquisition. Getting a prospect customer lead does not qualify as end acquisition anymore. The journey matters and if you can bring precision to each stop you’ll build yourself a strong strategic proof of concept

Bring Flexible Ideas to the table

Digital marketing is the only format in marketing that has a potential to make or break a brand’s image in minutes. It also gives you the freedom to change your communication on the fly. Therefore, you need to be flexible with ideas that spread across the wide web.

These ideas must be associated with all that makes for a full-fledged campaign; search engine optimization, search engine marketing, Facebook, Twitter, design, reputation management and all that will expand your knowledge.
You can also opt for courses available online. But if you ask the early birds they’ll tell you that the more digital you do the better you know it. On the job learning in digital marketing is what sticks and goes a long way.

However, some popular courses offered by Adobe can easily be found online. You can also opt for Google’ Academy to get certification for Adwords & Analytics.


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