Broad checklist for new Marketers before setting up any Digital Campaign

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You’ve just received a new brief & you’re sitting there wondering where to start your campaign from.

Nothing new, we have all felt that way at some point or the other in our digital lifetime.

You could be working in an agency or for a brand, the details in the next few paragraphs are going to be very helpful for setting up your first digital campaign. It can also be used to set the ground for all your future campaigns.

You will become a pro, I promise.

By the end of this article you’ll realize that these points are independent of sector. It is just a method to make sure you don’t miss any important step.

Start by understanding the brand needs & different ways to achieve them

It will seem a little difficult in the beginning to understand a brand’s needs. Do not be a victim of designing tactics for open ended objectives like brand awareness, more share of voice. Break it down into how this can be quantified. When you do that you’ll be able to add value.

Talk about what you need to achieve, is it clicks on the ad? Is it impressions? Views on the video or engagement?

Clicks on the ad can be added back to Traffic Generation
Impressions can be added back to Brand Reach
Views on a video can be added back to Brand Engagement
Shares on a content can be added back to Share of voice

Your understanding on defining objectives will not come overnight but it will get better after each campaign. Defining objectives & quantifying it will be the easiest job for you.

Choose channels of promotion that are best suited for your campaign

This point can completely change your campaign strategy. One can say that any product or service can be promoted on most channels but knowing what to apply where is the question.

If  your aim is to generate traffic on a new Web-page, then why would you spend time & effort in running a Facebook lead ad? If website traffic is required then would you re-target? Maybe, maybe not.

Just running a campaign on selected channels should not be your criteria. As exciting & fun the digital medium may sound, it is also supposed to be handled responsibly. Just because Instagram stories can be used for live streaming at no cost, does not mean you live stream your group discussion during an event?

First understand how each channel will work & after that add it to your plan.

Your Website/landing page must be Mobile & SEO Ready

Mobile is the future. 50% we’re already there. Making a responsive website is not enough, that is the basic. Your website should be optimized for every device, every browser & must comply with the best SEO practices. Most of the times brands run only mobile targeted campaigns because it works better for them. This is the future we have stepped into.

Reason why Google is introducing AMPs.

You developers should make sure that your site follows basic requirements & is equipped to conduct every transaction as seamlessly as its happening on your desktop.

SEO is a must & we often make the mistake of not keeping up with it. A good & regular SEO practice will help you reach the masses.

Deluxe is one of the best in the market. They also offer a free trial. Every newcomer should go for a trial before they get convinced to opt for a tool.

Are you collecting any customer information?

Every online journey of a user has an end goal. The journey of which starts after a user notices your ad and clicks on it. These goals can be defined as a click on your ad, a video view, capturing of contact details, or even having someone to fill an application or RSVP to an event.

When you get a user to the point of converting, you know you have won half the battle. The conversion process or the application process needs to be as seamless as possible.

The application need to properly function. Don’t forget to keep a day for only testing all the processes.

How important is analytics for your campaign?


Have you ever been on a diet and not checked your progress? Then how can you ever run a campaign without checking how it’s affecting your business or service?

To measure the success or failure of your campaign it is essential that you track the performance of the campaign & of the website. It’s important to know what visitors are coming on your site, which part of your website is being visited the most, at what point are users exiting your site.

A good analytics help you with insights that enable you to better your products & service.

Lastly, no one will ever tell you this, but you should always have a back up plan. Performance of your campaign does not entirely depend on your strategy.

Some times a performing campaign may end up giving devastating results. These factors can also be external & very difficult to scrutinize. You must always have a back up plan which helps make up for the loss or help you cover up.

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