Death of News that Matters

Death of News that Matters

Here’s a picture of a man reading a newspaper. What does it remind you of?


This is what it reminds us of.

A hot cup of tea on a cold morning with a fresh untouched newspaper.

This was one of the best combinations that made mornings for many. When biggest achievements for some of us was working the crosswords, and how some of us looked forward to reading the comics, or even catch up on the upcoming movies or browse through classifieds. When children would take cut outs of headlines today to read it out in school assembly.

Newspaper was an integral part of our lives. It was the major source of consuming content from around the world.

To this most of you will immediately think of television. But television had a window of 30 minutes to an hour and that was about it. You see, back in the day there were no dedicated news channels.

Today, we can watch news anytime we want, we can watch it wherever we want, we can search for any kind of news we’ve heard, and we can watch it on our mobile devices, tablets and iPads. The list can go on.

It is amazing and also threatening at the same time.

News is meant to broadcast current events to the masses. This is a huge responsibility. But are we doing it right?

Let’s try & find out.

Is the news today, reliable?

Every news channel, newspaper, has their own point of view about a current event & they automatically are biased. End of the day it is written by a person, who will have a point of view, whichever point of view is well written & interesting often makes it to the actual print; online or offline. Mostly this is done subconsciously but it always bends towards one side a little more. Same applies for a reader, who chooses to read & believe in what suits his opinions the most.

Are we ridiculing it?

Everyone of us loves some gossip. The ones who say they don’t, well they’re lying. And if it’s about our favorite celebrities then why not. We love their fabulous lives, we check what they’re wearing, we see where they live, we see what they like & what they don’t like. But in getting and sharing the gossip about them we don’t see the bleak side of it.

Ask yourself, if you were a famous celebrity, and there were news articles floating around about your broken marriage, or about how you’ve gained so much weight, or about how you wore an ugly dress, will you really like that? Is this really the kind of information we need to know about celebrities? Is it really worth investing our time in?


News has the power to influence, but is that bad?

During the recent US presidential election there were very few news channels that weren’t talking about it. Every country was interested in following this, also because an event this big was going to impact everyone. Influential news channels played a great role in putting their point across.

The following quote is what we’re really trying to say.

“But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” ― George Orwell, 1984


We no longer read news like how it was meant to be read as. We choose what catches our attention & then we decide to read or not. We read for entertainment & not for information. Therefore, there is a lot of competition, we have a lot of news channels & newspapers to choose from but the real news is somehow difficult to find.

With this, we’ll leave you with one question.

Does the following image bother you?


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