How to ensure successful Digital Campaigns in the year 2017?

How to run successful Digital campaigns in 2017?


We have stepped into 2017 with a lot of apprehensions, thanks to the after effects of some events like great electoral drama, the Great Britain exit & demonetization In India in 2016. But leaving that topic aside if we focus on what we as marketers have learned & should look forward to; then it’s a pretty picture. We have like every year seen new avenues and great ideas. We’ve learned that the game for brands is only getting tougher with everybody wanting to become a digital expert in some way or the other.

The need of the hour is stop doing what you’re already doing on Digital. Yes. You need to revamp your ideas, your money spending habits & your communication. Because Digital has moved from getting as much as possible to getting what really matters. Now that can be anything from a registration on your website, or subscription to your newsletter.

Here’s what you need to know about digital marketing this year:-

Content Marketing War – With more and more brands realizing the importance & power of communication we can expect an overflow of content across. Not just content, but good quality content. One can differentiate a good content or communication from a bad or let’s say an average one. But it’s an impossible task to decide a good content from other good content. Brands are becoming very competitive. You will have to now find that distinguishing factor that will make you stand out of the crowd. Every brand will have to build a personality for them.

Finding Right Audience – We’re connected to the digital world for as long as we’re awake. We encounter & get exposed to information at so many levels & so many times that we might be the target audience to many brands or to none at all. Imagine if you are looking for users who have flown a certain airline in the last 6 months atleast once, but does not have a credit card with a particular bank and often visit a site to book movie tickets. Out of his number you will have to exclude your existing customers from a database of 1 million. This is where you need to spend most of your time. Invest time in applying relevant filters to build the profile of your target audience that matches your customer’s profile.

Relevant Customers – It is really not about getting followers or fans on social media channels. If you’re not acquiring fans & followers organically it’s really alright. It is all about action & reaction. You want your customers to not just talk to you but to also get involved with what you have to offer. Spend on your communication & on your USP. Don’t buy customer attention, buy customer engagement. When you sit this year & decide the budget for your campaigns, ask yourself if it is going to get you customer engagement or not.

Marrying the Offline & Online –Wherever we go & have a bad experience we look them up on Twitter, if we like an artist we look them up on Facebook, if we hear about a good series we look them up on Netflix. In a world that connects you with Digital Media all the time it is your responsibility to connect your offline ideas & campaigns with online. There has to be a seamless relationship of what your customers feel in your store & on your Twitter. It has to be the same tonality & the same personality. You can’t be a good automobile brand on Twitter with a pathetic after sales service. Can you?

Mobile is the New Desktop – Desktop is by default the first that comes to our minds while we work on a website or a microsite. We think of all the aspects of making it fully functional and then we make it responsive for other platforms. This is level basic. You need to now move up & treat mobile with equal importance. Conversions through mobiles are not just increasing but it has surpassed desktops. Check current stats from the US.


There are brands who are focusing on making microsites for campaigns that are being run only on mobile devices. The whole point is that the potential of mobile has been tested & how. There is no denying that it is a powerful device for transactions. The actions or transaction for any brand can be done faster from a mobile as compared to a desktop. Google’s SEO index will now be based on mobile given the pushing of AMP. Now responsiveness & speed of the mobile sites will have to be given more attention.

Honest & Trustworthy Customer Relationships – You will see this point very clearly or sometimes subtly mentioned in all our articles of this segment. It’s because everything runs because of customers. We all know it but we conveniently ignore it. This year should be about strengthening relationships with your customers. This will be done if you not just listen but speak to them & solve everything that irks them. An angry customer comment on the internet can nicely be turned around by re-assuring & by consistently solving their issues. Who can forget the success story of Dell – Dell Hell Case Study & how they turned around the way online reputation works.

A lot of the points mentioned above can be further improvised & will help you arrive at new opportunities for growing your business. Digital is evolving & we have to match up. These were a few of our points; do you have anything to add to this? Please comment below & we’ll add it to our article with your name as co-author.


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