Just follow these 5 rules to master your first Digital Campaign

Basic Rules for Digital CampaignsLearn Digital Marketing

You’re probably sitting there and wondering where do I start my digital campaign from?

You could be working for an agency or for a brand, the details given below are going to be very helpful for setting up your first digital campaign.

These are independent of any sector, brand or service  

It helped me the first time, and it still does.

Defining what the brand needs & how you can achieve that

It is going to be a little difficult for you to understand the objectives that are given to you in the beginning. Do not fall prey to open ended objectives like brand awareness, more share of voice etc… For your first ever campaign get your objective clearly defined as, (a) how many clicks on your ad, (b) how many impressions, (c) how many views etc.

Your understanding on defining objectives will not come overnight. But I promise you that by the time you do half a dozen campaigns you’ll be able to clearly define & set objectives for campaigns involving increase in share of voice or increase in brand recall.

What platforms are best suited for your campaign?

This question is the most important & can completely change your strategy. Although any product or service can be promoted on most channels with specific promotional strategy, but knowing what is suited at what time is the question.

If  your objective is to get traffic to your website, then why would you spend time & effort in running a Facebook lead ad? If website traffic is required then would you re-target? Maybe, maybe not.

Just running a campaign on selected channels should not be your criteria. As exciting & fun the digital medium may sound, it is also supposed to be handled responsibly. Understand how each platform works & decide if that will help you achieve your target or not.

Is your website/landing page ready for a mobile campaign?

I’m sure by now you must be knowing the importance of mobile. Making a responsive website is not enough.

Your website should be optimised from device to device, browser to browser. Most of the times brands run only mobile targeted campaigns because it works better for them. A mobile device these days let’s you book movie tickets & also invest in mutual funds.

Well, you can also buy property through your device.

So if your website does not function seamlessly on mobile devices then you’re definitely missing a huge opportunity. Infact, make your every campaign mobile first. This will help you eliminate all errors. 

Do not forget to collect and measure data

Every online journey of a user has an end goal. The journey of which starts after a user notices your ad and takes an action. You can define these end goals as click on your ad, view of your video, capturing contact details, or even having someone to fill an application/ registration form.

Getting a user to invest time & fill in a form can be challenging. After getting a user on your application or registration page you want him to submit his details. This must always be a smooth experience. Therefor it becomes extremely important for the forms to be properly functional.

Always remember to run a test registration before go live, and also every single time you notice an unusual trend in your campaign, find out the reason and if anything needs fixing then do that first. 

How important is analytics for your campaign?


Have you ever been on a diet and not checked your weight? Then how can you ever run a campaign without checking how it’s affecting your business or service?

To measure the success or failure of your campaign it is essential that you track the performance of your website during & after the campaign. It’s important to know what visitors are coming on your site, which part of your website is being visited the most, where are users exiting your site and so on…

This not just gives you good insights of your website but also helps you better your product or service. Lastly, no one will ever tell you this (unless you make a mistake), but you should always have a back up plan.

Performance of your campaign does not hundred percent depend on your strategy. Some times a good performing campaign may give some devastating results & the causing factors are external & very difficult to scrutinize.

You must always have a back up plan which helps make up for the loss or help you cover up under performance. All of this is based on personal experiences & discussions. This is definitely going to help you!

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