Shaping Digital Communication Strategy for Tech & Innovation Companies in the Year 2018

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The future of communication through online channels is quite promising. It’s getting better and better as we speak. You have more bloggers than actual writers in this era. Writers prefer having a blog or a website because its real time & much faster.

As we step closer to the year 2018 we look back and see how we’re moving ahead with remarkable finds by companies like Amazon, Google and Apple.

Technology and innovation has taken a huge leap for multinationals across industries and now marketers from said companies have a difficult job to keep up with better standard of communication.

How can you make achievements of a wind turbine company or make big data look cool and easy to understand by the end consumer?

The idea is to work on a broad framework that would apply to digital marketing across all industries in the next year;

One Business Strategy: You may have a 15 member team or a 150000 member team, your end goal for your business communication has to be one. Every aspect of your business should speak one language and fall under the same family. While you will have different objectives in terms of sales but your communication must follow one tone. This is why, award winning companies always have one giant agency cracking their communication idea and theme.

Break down Product Features: The reason why some digital marketers fail to crack a marketing idea after the first discussion is due to lack of knowledge or research. A marketer should know a product and his website thoroughly. This makes the communication base stronger and helps deliver the correct and most apt stories.

Leverage Marketing Channels: These days every company has atleast 7 channels where they market their products and services. It’s not limited to just emailers or social networking sites. Marketers are even using WhatsApp to reach their audience. There is opportunity at every level. Where you can network with a decision maker on LinkedIn, a simple conversation on Twitter can also do the job. Make use of every channel in the most relevant way. We don’t recommend creating a product brochure and publishing it everywhere. That is not leveraging. It’s called spamming. Don’t do it.


Build Brand Custodians: Companies often boost profiles of their CEOs and CXOs only to build brand visibility and get people to interact with the brand. However every employee associated with the company directly or indirectly represents it. Marketers should conduct activities for employees to engage with the brand beyond their daily 9 to 5 routine. Best way to do so is getting them to volunteer for company’s CSR activities.

Curate Content: All brands create content. We have plenty of brands that have created wonderful content for online consumption and built a positive working perception about them. However, brands that curate content from other contributors show confidence and build credibility for themselves. Such brands also open doors for opportunities.

Have a Flexible Budget: Most ideas don’t see the day light because there is not enough budgets. Your marketing budget specially for communication should be flexible. Don’t keep millions to promote a YouTube video when you can create a more engaging on ground activity that would bring you virality. Keep your budget flexible and spend it strategically.

Be Consistent: Be consistent with your marketing activities. Don’t go all haul with your activities and be left with filler engagement that won’t add any value. Your marketing for 2018 should be futuristic, promising and trendy. Be topical with your approach (of course under the same brand narrative that we discussed earlier).

The next year for all marketers looks so bright. We are thrilled to discover new opportunities & ideas and bring them right to you!


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