Understanding the real you, the real beauty!

Understanding the real you... Dove

“The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.” –  Audrey Hepburn

Close to 3 million girls participate in over 100,000 beauty pageants a year in US. The same report* that was published last year also says that around 6% of the participants suffer from depression. Imagine the number it would go up to once you add up the rest of the countries around the world.

There is immense pressure on young girls who compete for world titles like Miss Universe, Miss World and so on. Somehow these pageants have played an integral role in the new age definition of being beautiful. There is an acceptable size, colour, height & weight. If you fit in you get the perfect score of being beautiful. Unfortunately this is not restricted to just beauty pageants anymore.

But we have some good news!

While this exists we also have some big brands, influencers & some celebrities who have tried to break this perception and highlight that all sizes, colours and shapes exist and they are beautiful. You will see in the new age movies, TV series, web series & adverts how models from across the globe and races are being hired for projects which were earlier perceived to be suited only for a set type.
Dove - New Campaign - Real Beauty
There are some responsible brands that do things differently and have helped spread what is beauty in its all aspects. The best part, it does not divide. Rather brings everyone closer.


Remember Dove’s real beauty sketches? The whole idea that told women that they are much more beautiful than they think they are. This film seamlessly showed how confidence needs more attention than outer beauty.

Dove - Inner Confidence

The choose beautiful campaign which created a bit of controversy but was still critically acclaimed. The idea that Dove is throwing around is not about becoming beautiful or changing oneself. It’s all about embracing your self. In the midst of pressure to lose weight, of being size zero, having a flawless skin, opting for Botox to look younger; Dove shows society the real beauty.

Currently Dove is running a campaign across Asia looking for women with different types of hair. They don’t have an agenda of a type. The application is open to all above 18 years of age. This throws out the myth of having to be society certified beautiful for an advert. We love this campaign because what’s better than making women feel amazing about themselves around women’s day?


Dove - New Campaign - Gorgeous Hair
If you’re a woman who loves her hair, then this great opportunity is for you. You just need to fill an online form and if selected you’ll get featured in the next Dove advert – https://t.co/DuHUJZb5gW




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