Use Facebook to pick all effective leads for your company!

Lead Generation on Facebookimage: unsplash

What is it about lead generation from Facebook we’re going to tell you that you don’t already know?

We’ll show you how to bid farewell to junk leads & get quality leads in the most effective way.

NOTE: we will use the word effective quite a lot in this article because we want you to leave this space remembering being effective is the only important quality of a lead.

Unlike Google, Facebook advertising is not intent based, it is contextual. Therefore, some of you may wonder that lead generation is not for you given the nature of your business.

We’ll ask you one question.

Are you in the business of making money? If your answer is yes, (but obvious) then lead generation is for you. It is for all of you running a business online, promoting your business online or planning to come online.

We define lead generation as an opportunity to make business. An opportunity that is suitable to most kinds of business.

Facebook gives a vast variety of options for targeting. You may say, too much is too confusing, but if you think otherwise it is only helpful. It’s not too vast as Google Adwords, but it is more than enough. From being able to target specific employers, from graduates of engineering colleges, to newly weds or new parents, or millennials. Facebook gives you all of this & more.

Some brand managers still find it difficult to decide what ads do they want to run. They’ll send out briefs somewhat like this,

“I want the native ads on the right side,”


“I want the ads which appear in the middle of my timeline.”

We don’t blame them. It can sometimes get a little complicated. Gone are the simple days of Facebook ads to get page likes & just traffic to a website.

So quickly jumping to that one important question, what makes a Facebook lead ad effective?

Most of the Facebook Lead ads look like this.

Facebook Lead Ad - 1
Mostly lead ads are very straight forward & have pre-filled fileds like email id & mobile number.

What happens in such a case?

1) Less Effort – lead form is completed in barely two steps as information like id & mobile no. are pre-populated
2) Saves Time – just about two clicks that hardly take any time
3) For the above two reasons advertisers end up capturing a lot of leads

Let’s look at the flip side of this;

1) Less Effort – users don’t realise what & why are they filling a lead form
2) Saves Time – brand does not get registered in a user’s mind as the process is so quick
3) For the above two reasons users generate a lot of leads. Leads that don’t know what they have signed up for aka junk leads. These leads always stay junk, they will never give you anything.

If filling a lead form is an action then you must make your prospects participate in that action.  A participation is only successful when users are fully aware of what brand they are talking to, what they’re going to benefit after clicking subscribe, enrol, register etc.

To fulfil this you can use the feature of adding a custom question in your Facebook lead ad.

Such a lead ad looks like this;

Facebook Lead Ad - Custom QuestionFacebook Custom Lead Ad 2

You have started a conversation with your prospects by asking a few questions about their personal choice. From the above example; What fruit do you like the most? How often do you visit your local farmer’s market? …you can customize this to your type of business.

Also, when you involve your prospects in the process of any purchase they automatically get more interested.

What happens in such a case?

1) Brand seems more legit & it builds credibility
2) Increases brand recall
3) Leads have a higher chance of converting

It is not very difficult to run a lead campaign on Facebook, and it is not difficult to customise it to your business needs & run an effective lead campaign. You just need a little understanding & tweaking. The sooner brands shift their approach, the faster Facebook will be a more optimal platform for generating effective leads. Facebook also offers API integration where you can link voice calls which can be used to verify a lead before it actually goes through. By adding so many levels you may get lesser leads but your end conversion will increase.

Image Source: unsplash & Facebook

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