3 learnings that will redefine your Emailer Campaigns for better

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It is quite a challenge to frame a strategy for email marketing for this age marketers. There is only so much that can be done given the reducing open rates. We’re at an average of 24% open rate & about 3 to 4% click through rate. A lot of new methods have been tried and tested and now all of us are only going in circles.

We’ve done a bit of ground research & found that there’s a template of emailers that are being created and are being sent out. Every other company sends across messages with the same tonality, using the same stock images, providing the same information.

Why would you make your message sit in someone’s mail box with zillion other similar messages?

That’s probably what’s happening right now.

So we found a few brands that have cracked a good way of running successful email campaigns & gave us a lot of inspiration to write this piece of content.

Here’s are our top 3 learnings on what you can do to make the most out of the email campaigns you’re running.

Stop Blast Messaging
Many companies have adopted a method of blast email campaigns at regular intervals. It so happens that customers on a large scale are sent out emailers on a particular day, at a particular time. These messages more or less are the same and don’t really add any value. It runs a huge risk of getting spammed. If you can’t stop this, you must reduce the number of times you send these emailers out.

Use Collected Data Smartly
You’ve probably been running digital campaigns across atleast a bunch of mediums? That must have given you some kind of data. You must have also collected a lot of data from analytics. You must combine the data you’re collating from different sources and then target the same audience via email. This tells the recipient that the brand knows who they’re talking to.

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Here’s an example; the emails you get when your insurance policy is due for renewal. They don’t bother you all the year round, but only when they know what the customer really needs at that point.

Personalise Your Emails
Adding the name of the customer in the subject line is not personalisation. Most brands know that if they add the name it creates an intrigue and gets the required attention. Well, it used to. Now every other company is adding customer name in the subject line. How do you personalise in such a case?

You personalise the content of the email. You give information to the customer basis his behaviour on your website or his last interaction with you. It may sound like a lot of work but brands are doing it.

Email Campaign

In the last decade email marketing has lost its value and it’s just become a platform for driving business because it comes at a lower cost. This is the reason why no one looks for the vast opportunity it still carries. We as marketers should understand that emails were created so people can exchange messages. If we remember this every time we work on an emailer campaign then the outcome will be better than ever.

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