Facebook continues to surprise us!

FB Algorithm Changessource: dailymail.co.uk

Millennials love Facebook! No matter how much they complain about the social network consuming half their life, they still land up on Facebook.

While most of them may choose to not spend most of their time on Facebook, they still have an active account.

The number of monthly active users has only increased in the last decade.

FB Monthly Active Users

Reference: Techcrunch

Remember, when this happened?

Just a reminder that Facebook is still the most powerful social networking site.

FB buys Instagram

Reference: Business Insider


On one hand there are people who are connecting with their friends and are reacting to images, memes and videos on Facebook; on the other hand there are marketers like you & me; creating posts, canvases, films to make sure the reactions keep flowing in.

Whether we like it or not, we have to somehow make Facebook work for our respective brands.

“Facebook algorithm” is a terrifying term. The moment I read it, it makes me worry about the future of social media marketing through this platform.

Facebook changes its algorithms so often that we work on new strategies more than working on actual content for the platform. It’s a constant struggle to breakthrough with a good Facebook campaign.

Facebook is back with a new algorithm change but we might be able to tackle it easily.

Facebook’s focus has entirely shifted to promoting meaningful interactions and conversations. That means any branded content will automatically have the last priority until someone genuinely interacts with it and shares it.

Brands on Facebook have to mostly rely on promoting their content to reach an adequate audience.  But, promoted content is not meaningful unless it drives more interactions than driving consumption.

What next for us?

Right now we’re stuck in a global sham of engagements circling around acquiring likes, impressions, and views. This is not going to help anymore as Facebook itself drops focus on such metrics. These metrics straight away increase quantity which does not add up to “meaningful interactions” according to Facebook.

Key to Success: Reactions over consumption

Priority will now be given to content that makes people comment on posts, share content, share links, interact with branded content shared by friends and not likes, clicks & views.

You can say, a reaction that is an outcome of genuine interest & more time spent will qualify as a meaningful interaction.

You as a marketer will have to focus on creating content that is more personal and customized. Work on a more engagement based promotions and not impression based.

We’ll come back soon on how you can revise your advertising strategy so as to make most of your advertising budget.

Stay tuned!

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