Introducing Facebook Stories for Brand Pages!


In a very short span of time, Snapchat successfully captured a large audience and ruled the world of stories. The story format was refreshing and created a sense of curiosity amongst users. This feature gave Snapchat a good popularity amongst celebrities as well.

Soon after this Instagram hopped on to the bandwagon becoming Snapchat’s very strong competition. It was reported back in February 2017 that Snapchat growth slowed down by about 82% after Instagram launched its version of stories. We were not surprised, given the popularity and large DAU base of Instagram. And while we were observing, WhatsApp added the story feature as well.
Now you’d wonder that Facebook owns both Instagram & WhatsApp but what was stopping them from creating their own version of stories?

Facebook recently added the stories feature but it does not seem to be benefitting anyone at all. Facebook stories are not very popular and we won’t blame you if you stop to log in and check your Facebook account to find some stories.


Use of Facebook stories has picked up slightly and that’s because Instagram introduced sharing of Instagram stories directly to Facebook. It saves a lot of time & therefore leaves out very less room for anyone to share a separate story on Facebook.

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So, what’s Facebook famous for other than surprising us with algorithm changes to news feed every now & then?

Extending every new feature to brand pages.

Looks to be a desperate move, but Facebook introduced stories for brand pages. Brands can use the feature to upload stories which will last for 24 hours. Similar to how individuals upload stories. These stories unlike page posts will be posted to every fan’s profile but brand pages will not have the functionality to cross promote stories on Instagram.

Will this make Facebook stories popular?

It might not.

A few reasons why we think so.

Facebook Stories Can’t be Promoted: As of now the stories don’t have the functionality to be promoted. How does Facebook ensure visibility of brand stories to the users? With the current method, a brand’s post does not reach its fans unless pushed with some media money. How will organic Facebook stories work?

Brand Story Position:
Will the non-promoted brand story always hold the first position or will it move as soon as more friends of the user publish their story? Will it follow the same algorithm and show stories of profiles that a user interacts with most?

Facebook Live: What will happen to live stories? Is Facebook planning to sustain it or promote it separately? How will it co-exist with stories? Is Facebook planning to convert every live video into a story once it’s over?

Audience Division: Do we really need another platform for a similar functionality? Instagram is owned by Facebook and advertising offers placement on Instagram as well. Facebook can invest time in leveraging Instagram stories which is already working.

Honestly, Facebook will have to push stories beyond its current basic potential. Right now, does it excite us as a brand owner?

Not really.


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