How can brands benefit from Facebook Stories?

Facebook Stories for Brands

Facebook has always been our favourite channel of promotion. They are still at the top of the list and there is no doubt why. They started from a basic “connect with your friends” site and now they are a billion dollar company. With acquisition of Whatsapp and Instagram they only built a stronger base.

On another note, it’s basic to understand that every platform has a different objective and it makes its followers adapt accordingly. No individual has the exact same set of friends or followers on all platforms. In the end all platforms are achieving one goal & that is; broadcasting your message.

Always known for breaking barriers and new innovations; Facebook was criticized for releasing a Snapchat look alike feature. We personally spent some time on the Facebook stories & tried to see how that could be beneficial for brands in the future.

It is also more about the type of message and not so much about the platform where you’re posting because of the difference in your audience per platform. Maybe that’s why Facebook releasing a Snapchat feature is really not that big a deal.


We’ve added the features (not very different) of Facebook Stories that should be easy for all to understand;

  • Facebook stories can be easily spotted on the top of the news feed
  • To create your own story you can either click on the icon ‘Your Story’ (that appears along with other stories from your friends) or you can simply swipe right.
  • There is nothing new about the process of posting a story. This feature is exactly the same like Snapchat, Instagram or Whatsapp
  • Unlike other platforms; Facebook gives you a lot of filters & skins to choose before you begin to make your story. You can’t add any Emojis or stickers (yet!)
  • Video time has been extended to 20 seconds unlike 15 seconds on Instagram.
  • Like any other story; Facebook story will stay up for 24 hours.

The only highlight feature right now is the filters & skins. But honestly, this could do wonders for brands. We’ll explain you how.

Firstly, Facebook is the only platform that has an advertising advantage over other social networking sites. We just need to wait for Facebook to expand this to stories. While Facebook figures how to & when to do this you can check our views on what is in it for brands & how can they make the most of this.

  • Brands will be able to create non edited original images & videos directly from a mobile device therefore reducing the cost of content creation drastically
  • Through promotion of one story a brand can create & subsequently share a lot of information with their target audience
  • Does this mean the end of Facebook live videos? Could be.
  • This will be a good advertising push for Facebook & Brands because no other platform currently offers such a feature.

Facebook might be late in creating this feature but they might be the first to offer something more to brands. After all they have a large database & a strong advertising method.

Image Source : unsplash

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