New & Improved features of Facebook Videos

New features of Facebook Videos

Videos have largely taken over the space where most of us spend time consuming content. Why? Videos are more visual, easy to understand, requires zero effort from users to grasp any information.


And if you think of watching any video online you will always jump to YouTube. YouTube owns this space and why not? Users watch more than 3 billion hours of videos per month.


This space is where social media giant channel Facebook has always been struggling. Right from the native video upload to streaming, it is a little slow. There is no 100% comfort in using Facebook Live video feature as well.


If you noticed, Facebook videos are now largely being used by individual profiles & also by brands. Facebook’s idea is to improve the features so as to increase the usage of Facebook videos.

So what’s new?

Sound – It’s a little annoying when you’re trying to watch a video on Facebook and the sound is automatically on silent. You have to press the increase or decrease sound button for the sound to play. Facebook is doing away with this limitation. If you’re on your timeline and see a video the sound will automatically be on, unless obviously if your phone is on silent. The sound will fade away every time you scroll down or up the video when you’re not watching.

Format – Facebook has been trying to fix the format of videos from some time now. Thanks to the new feature we’ll now have a larger vertical video format. You will also be able to minimize the video and still be able to browse through your newsfeed. Feature very similar to YouTube. Android users will be able to watch the video even after exiting the Facebook app.

New Facebook Video App – Facebook last year launched the streaming of videos from Facebook on Television sets. But there were many shortcomings in that and not a lot of users appreciated. Facebook is now looking into bettering this experience so you can enjoy these videos from Facebook on the big screen in your house. You can watch videos shared by your friends on Facebook, by pages that you follow, top trending videos and recommended videos. We are not very excited about this feature though, because how many people would watch Facebook videos on TV? This is debatable.

Our take away from this update;

  • First go to channel for video content will still be YouTube for a long long time
  • Don’t be surprised to see more videos on your timelines, because Facebook will try to push the new features by pushing more video content on your news feed
  • This will in turn get brands to produce more video based content. This is not a bad thing.

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Image Source & Topic Reference – Facebook Newsroom


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