Fading Reputation of Popular Airlines – Who is responsible?

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My third or maybe fourth, definitely fourth cup of coffee is over. Now, I’m just sitting and staring around and wondering how to pass my time at this airport.

How many times should I take a walk through the gates? If I run further out of luck I might even lose my only spot to sit.

And now, after 2.5 hours I’m not risking getting up. Not even for a bathroom break because I’m afraid someone will take my cozy spot and I don’t know how much more I’ll have to wait for my flight back home…

This is one of the many experiences we hear about today from our friends and families and also on news channels.

Aren’t airports supposed to make you feel really good? We feel everything that is related to travel is amazing. It fulfils dreams and aspirations. Maybe you’re moving to a new country, or a new holiday destination, or it’s your first trip with your partner. It has to be memorable.

But more than often airports & airlines disappoint. A few instances recently have caught our eye and we’d like to talk about it.

April 2017 – A 69 year old passenger was forcefully dragged out of a United Airlines flight after he refused to give up his seat. The passenger suffered a few injuries and the video later went viral on the internet. What is the outcome? United Airlines get away with it.

25th Aug, 2017 – British Airways launched a scathing attack on border police control operation because some of their passengers were made to wait in immigration lines for over more than an hour at Heathrow which is the busiest airport in UK. It was also reported that most gates were not even being operated which led to further frustration of the passengers.

25th Aug, 2017 – A Norwegian flight had left from Dublin at 3 PM on 25th Aug to arrive in Boston. It was made to take a U-turn in less than 2 hours because of some reported “technical issue”. The aircraft for more than 2 hours kept circling around above Atlantic Ocean to burn off fuel so it could land safely. What a supremely bad experience!

7th Sep, 2017 – Ryanair announced that from November this year, passengers will not be allowed to carry wheelie bags in the aircraft. According to the airline it is because the flight gets “delayed” due to the lack of space in overhead lockers. But, priority boarding customers will be able to keep both types of bags with them on the aircraft!

The airlines/airports we spoke about are well known and have existed ever since. It is absolutely clear that there is no sync in the world class best travel experience promise that is made and the actual experience at the airports & inside of airplanes. Even the best ones like Lufthansa, give a very bad experience during domestic travel.

Next time, take notice of the boarding time on your pass & the actual boarding time.
What is happening to this industry?

The only way out that we suggest will be to go with the airlines that have good customer reviews. Spend more time on reading actual reviews on Google and then book your flight. If there’s a particular time or an airport that creates trouble, take a de-tour. Make sure you stay clear of troublesome airports and airlines. Most importantly do not travel without travel insurance!

If nobody takes responsibility, you will have to act smarter!

Please share any of your experiences or suggestions. We’ll be happy to make it a part of this article.


– Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash


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