Is Instagram the new Fashion Stylist for busy women?

Instagram; the new Fashion Stylist for Busy Women

Being well dressed has nothing to do with how much fashion you know!

She wakes up each day to the wonderful sound of her alarm that is snoozed 7 times. She knows there’s less than an hour to dress up and leave. Drags herself to her cupboard, pulls out a pair of pants and a shirt, and also pulls out a sweater in case she gets cold. She’s ready in 35 minutes to eat breakfast & then leave to take over this world!

She’s more or less every working woman who has very less time on her daily schedule to dress up. Where there are exceptions with some superwomen who can manage it all on Monday through Friday.

While we believe that everyone should wear whatever they feel comfortable in & that’ll make them well dressed, but this article goes out to every busy woman who wants to dress up each day but needs a little help with current fashion trends. There is one go to solution on your mobile phone which we swear by. While internet offers a lot of information on fashion & trends but our favorite is Instagram for various reasons.

If you’re the woman who likes to dress well but also has no time or energy to spend on looking for the perfect shoes, bags or dresses then this article will be of great help.

We’ll give you the Top 3s of Instagram. This will help you decide quickly on what to pick the next time you go shopping & when you open your cupboard to select clothes for various occasions.

TOP THREE #tags you should follow:

  1. First hash tag would be without a doubt #fashion. This is one #tag followed by top brands, top bloggers, celebrities & models. This is perfect to catch up with what’s going around. You will also find some irrelevant images but that’s very small compared to the universe of options you’ll have to browse through.
  2. #ootd or outfit of the day is associated with OOTD magazine but is widely being used by many other brand handles. This is our favorite because it gives exposure to different fashion styles around the world & contains less spam. 
  3. Lastly #style. This hashtag showcases varieties & trends not just in clothing, but even in shoes, bags & hair styles. This will help you pick up tips & tricks for your total styling & you’ll be able to make the most from you next shopping spree.

Instagram Fashion #Tags
TOP THREE fashion divas you should follow:

Chiara Ferragni – 6.7 million followers
Follow her for unconventional methods of dressing up.

Fashion Diva on Instagram

Olivia Palermo – 4.1 million followers
Follow her to bring class & attitude to your style.

Fashion Diva on Instagram
Aimee Song – 3.9 million followers
Follower her for extravagant look for every season.
Fashion Diva on Instagram

TOP THREE celebrities you should follow:

Selena Gomez – 100 million followers
Follow her to pick fashion styles perfect for a girl next door to a lady on red carpet.

Fashion Celeb on Instagram

Kylie Jenner – 75.8 million followers
Follow her to learn the art of combining oomph with style.

Fashion Celeb on Instagram

Gigi Hadid – 23.6 million followers
Follow her to learn the art of mixing glam with simplicity.

Fashion Celeb on Instagram

You may not need to copy the styles & trends you see here as is in order to dress well. This will help you a great deal in making the most of the limited time you have & improvising & creating a style of your own.


Image Source : Unsplash & Instagram

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