What did I learn from Freelancing for just three months!

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I often judged people for the kind of statements they used to make in the domains they had zero experience in. More than that, after a couple of attempts I used to be quiet and watch them experience the blunder for themselves.

This goes back to the earlier days of me as a digital marketing manager. I had absorbed in the digital knowledge on the job from all digital platforms, from rigorous meetings with difficult clients, from winning pitches, from building proof of concepts, for introducing the first evers in the agency I used to work at.

This went on for straight 5 years & I stepped into brand side of marketing. I felt with my domain knowledge I could bring about a greater change in the digital objectives of the company. However, there is a very small difference in the way marketing teams in companies and marketing teams in agencies work. Both go through their own versions of disagreements & these were always beyond my ability of acceptance.

I started noticing how I wanted my point of view out in the open for others to read & learn from. Writing a book was a little far at that moment but a website seemed apt. I started my blog and talked about everything that interested me.

While scaling up I had a couple of freelance projects from People Per Hour on hand that got me a second decent income each month. I would finish work around 5 and head home to have my quick dinner and start on my freelance projects. Easy money became an important factor in this exercise and I put my blog on the back burner.

For about 2 months I kept canceling my plans with my friends and kept neglecting my family to cope up and do my other 2 projects. I found myself very little time to read or even relax for that matter. One of the projects also involved managing a client’s Instagram handle. I would also publish content on it during my vacation.

My clients were from different countries, therefore I had to manage the time difference and conduct calls at odd times. They were from a different background and had limited knowledge of how digital medium works. Due to the distance it made things even worse. I was losing my credibility and was working 14 hours a day at the cost of my peace.

One fine day I read the following quote:

“To any entrepreneur: if you want to do it, do it now. If you don’t, you’re going to regret it.” co-founder of MyYearbook.  

I immediately decided to focus on what my top priority should’ve been. I decided to start and not stop for any distraction. For the first time in my life I said NO! I stuck to it & today I have enough time to do what I love. I still have my day job with a multinational company. But the free time that I spend on my website and reading gives me a lot to learn. Now I have time to read and write at the end of the day & I’m left with enough time to spend with my loved ones.

For every entrepreneur, just say no to what stops you from reaching your ultimate goal. If what you’re doing does not make you happy then that is not the right way.

Featured Image: Photo by Oliver Pacas on Unsplash

Inspired from true life events of the founder & writer at clicksdaily.

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