Future of Business is Mobile

Future of Business is MobilePhoto by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

“In my opinion, the future of mobile is the future of everything.”- Matt Galligan

That’s the best way anyone has ever described the increasing importance of mobile devices. Mobiles have already consumed us while we thought we were consuming it.

Now the next stop for us is to make this device work better for us.

If you want to succeed in your business you’ll have to think mobile first.

It’ll all drop down to three factors that every brand will have to master to rule mobile marketing; Entertainment, Conversation & Transaction.

So how to achieve that?

Big Data is a blessing unless you start taking it for granted

Customer information & their behavior started making a lot more sense after big data. The system is intelligent enough to show insights and predict performance basis your customers’ previous behavior.

The insights given through big data will help you understand the marketing tactics that need improvement. Whether you need an application or not.

Indian fashion e-commerce company, Myntra, went mobile only couple of years back. They could’ve been world’s first app-only marketplace but the sales number drastically reduced.

Being one of the mobile-first countries India was not ready two years back.

Big data can help you understand whether you’re ready for a change or not, and what change you can take a risk with.

Connect all your digital assets and make them mobile ready

Social media profiles are becoming more equipped to run business and brands are investing heavily in it. Your website, social media profiles, mobile application and call centers will have to speak to each other.

You’ll have to make sure that all your digital assets act as one single platform and give a holistic experience to the end user.

About 3 days back we published a content piece on Instagram that talked about shopping feature that shows products on sale & on click takes users to the exact page where they can purchase it. We won’t be surprised if Facebook enables Instagram to open its own Marketplace.

If this is not convincing enough then what about Google’s answer to mobile transformation through AMPs?  That is the answer to your every question.

Get ready for a major lifestyle change

After mobiles make it to the preferred one stop solution we’ll already feel a generation ahead of our times.

Need to start preparing ourselves for the changing lifestyle that will affect businesses who won’t be ready.
Today we depend largely on mobile apps for entertainment and banking transactions, but very soon it will become the first decision making touch point for everything.

The ingenious people of today are thinking forward and therefore they’re building Instagram and Snapchats. With the ascent of Artificial Intelligence, mobiles devices are meant to lead the future.

Are you ready?


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