How to continue with good performing AdWords despite multiple changes from Google

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Google repeatedly made changes to AdWords in the last year that it got difficult for advertisers to keep up. Campaign performances were not easy to comprehend due to which there wasn’t really much to test.

But we have gathered the most crucial information that you need to know to continue performing through AdWords.

By the end of this you’ll know how to tackle the new changes without having to change your strategy altogether.

Limit your daily spending budget

Earlier Google allowed you to spend 20% above your daily budget but now that limit has been increased to 100%.

Machine learning and intelligence put together can now make amends in case your campaign was to poorly perform on a given day. It will automatically shoot up the budget and make up for the loss.

This however is not very ideal and is not fully proven to be helping brands.

It usually takes a few days for a campaign to kick off and spend money and it slowly picks up. There is a reason why some days(mostly holidays) are non-performing vs. others days.

Machine learning may give you the insight and make up for losses but does it matter? It’s always better to have a fixed budget cap for each day so you can compare.

Avoid CPC based conversion strategy

Google will now automatically set your CPCs at maximum in order to give higher conversions. This automation will work well for campaigns that have acquired leads in the past and have built a working pattern for themselves.

If you’re just setting up then you should first test and check the best CPCs that works for your business. On the other hand if you automate your processes right in the beginning then you might be settling for a high cost.

Prepare for last click attribution changes

Last click attribution changes to conversion campaigns are already underway. If you’ve been following then you know we covered this in quite detail.

This change does not really affect your campaigns or performance. It is only a new method and the faster you understand the better it will be to understand the AdWords reports.

You can check details here.

Must test the new and improved customer match

Back in 2015, Google introduced customer match which became a great success. Through this method, advertisers could use their customer’s email addresses and target them on Google’s advertising network. This increased sales at a large scale.

Good news is that now it’s been enhanced and advertisers can use email ids, phone numbers and physical addresses to target their customers and prospects.

Make sure to not mix it up and make separate lists and check what’s working best for you and ensure you’re able to compare.

Make sure you link your AdWords and Analytics if you’ve not already done that. Closely monitor the performance if you notice anything unusual. You could also write to us if you have any doubts.


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