Get ready for Google AdWords’ new attribution changes!

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Last-click attribution refers to the credit given to the last click that converts into a sale or conversion in an AdWords campaign. While Google allows you to define its attribution for conversions through the entire conversion path, the last click gets 100% credit for conversion.

However, this is not the most accurate way of determining why a user made the purchase. 

There are conversations floating around that Google might stop supporting this model. This means advertisers like you and I will have to re-strategize and work around the new models very soon.

Point to note here is that this change will not interfere with any account and it won’t affect the performance of any campaigns. It is just important to be well informed so that there is no confusion in understanding the new reports.

We want you to be fully aware of this & prepare yourselves accordingly before Google announces this change.

First-click model for Customer Acquisition

Advertising campaigns that will focus on getting new customers on board will have 100% attribution to the first click. It’s been kept in mind that the customer’s interest in the product or service generates at the very first click & therefore this model is the most suited.

Time-decay model based on Customer Behavior

Mostly, purchase related decisions are not made in the first click. Customer’s interaction with the ad & their behavior changes during the entire conversion path.  A lot of effort from advertisers goes in getting the last few clicks just before a purchase. In such cases the weight to the clicks right before the purchase will be higher. 

Position-based model for First & Last Interaction

This model gives importance to all the interactions in a customer’s journey right from first click to end purchase. Since the first click grabs the attention and last click completes the transaction; both first and last interactions will be given about 40% credit each. All the other touch-points will get the remaining credit. 

Linear model for Every Touch-point

In the process of conversion for certain businesses, there are multiple keywords that play an important part & also contribute equally till the final purchase is done. This model is therefore created to give equal weight-age to every touch point during a conversion path. This also gives a good understanding on low volume keywords that is mostly not captured in the current last-click attribution.

Tailor made data-driven attribution model for Every Touch-point 

This method is liked by Google because it gives them the authority to use their machine learning and decide attribution for each touch-point in your campaign. It will use conversion data from your account and will calculate the contribution & behavior of every click before;

(a) they convert to the final purchase and,

(b) when they do not convert at all. Our guess is that most companies will not like to give this control to Google & decide for themselves. 

It may seem quite complicated right now but the good thing is that right now we just have one option and we have to make do with it. After the new change advertisers can devise new inferences from their reports and ultimately better their strategy.

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