Features of Google Tag Manager within 140 characters

Importance of GTM


What is Google Tag Manager?

Popularly known as the GTM, it is a tag management system by Google that allows you to easily and quickly update tags, code snippets on your website. This system makes it easier for you to add JavaScript snippets to your website thus eliminating the long and tedious process of adding tags and making any change to your website.
Let’s have a look at some features of GTM as if these were to be shared on Twitter.

1) Say goodbye to developers and IT team, use #GTM for tracking scripts.

2) Did you know? You can set up #GoogleAnalytics goal tracking using GTM?

3) #GTM helps fire #adwords conversion tag to measure your conversions. #searchenginemarketing.

4) #GTM fires #remarketing tag to collect lists. #GoogleAdwords

5) CSS of your website can now be styled using #GTM.

6) Forget CSS, use #GTM to style your website with #JavaScript

7) #GTM can track events set on buttons present on your website. #EventTracking

8) Track file downloads on your website today. Just use #GTM

9) Finding it difficult to track form submissions on your site? #GTM makes it easier

10) No need of a #developer. Even a marketer can make changes to the website with #GTM

11) The only system that allows you to check your tags before publishing – #GTM

12) Forgot the last tag you fired? Don’t worry #GTM archives everything.

Hope you get a fair idea of what all can GTM do. This is just a broad description of upcoming detailed articles on GTM. Watch this space for more.


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