Top 3 Halloween Campaigns of 2017 that blend technology and creativity very well!

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Holiday season holds a special place around every other household across the globe. Filled with nostalgia and promises of tomorrow, people away from home gather from across continents to celebrate with their loved ones around this time of the year.

It’s also a very fruitful time for many retail brands that harp on about their offerings with creative communication.

Most importantly, amidst competitive advertising every brand must stand out.

Halloween sets in the global festival fever and thanks to the slowly building brand peer pressure we have seen some remarkable communication. However, if we were to rank the top brands for what they did this #Halloween then there is no one winner.
Quite a few websites and blogs have talked about their top favourite Halloween campaigns simply because they were highly talked about. But why?

Let’s find out.

Svedka Vodka wins Halloween with Google Retargeting

Brands run retargeting with a purpose of not letting go of a potential lead. In most cases, it is successful but it also sometimes can annoy the hell out of you. Svedka Vodka cracked a great idea and made a brilliant case for themselves. They created creepy banner ads which intrigued users to click and watch a video. The video was created in the form of a curse that after being watched would follow the user around the internet until they visit the website and share Svedka Vodka content with their friends. They get our 100 on 100 for their innovative idea and simplicity!

#ScaryClownNight by Burger King

The movie IT set base of brilliant ideas for Burger King this year. During screening of IT in Germany, Burger King ran a very long ad that said, “Never Trust a Clown’.

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This created a lot of buzz for Burger King but didn’t play well for Mc Donald’s. Burger King took this a notch up and created an ad film that shows a boy being chased by many clowns on his way to Burger King. The end surprises you as you find out that the clowns are heading to Burger King for their free Whoppers. The activation idea of “Come as a clown, eat like a King” by Burger King brilliantly takes a dig at their biggest competitor Mc Donald’s and makes its audience to perform an action that would leave a lasting impression for a long time.

Snapchat integration by Fanta

Snapchat has been emerging as the most used social media channel in the last one year. Looking at the success of it, Fanta decided to collaborate with Snapchat. This campaign is an outdoor virtual reality experience where guests are invited to a Halloween party. As they enter the elevator to go to the 13th floor they experience virtual reality surprises. Followed by this, limited edition Fanta packaging carried a QR code which on scan unlocked Halloween specific Snapchat filters. A perfect blend of outdoor and digital which many brands fail to accomplish.

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These are our Top 3 campaigns. Did we miss anything that is worth sharing? Please feel free to add your comments.


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