How to identify bad bosses?

How to identify a bad boss?

If  you feel that your bad boss is also a bad human being, then maybe you are right.

We’re telling you this because most employees think that their boss has a bad behaviour only at work, or is probably having a bad day, but he really isn’t a bad guy… Result, these employees just keep accepting the bad behaviour and feel that they deserve it.

That’s the worst thing you could ever do to yourself! Why?

1) If you’re a boss too, you will eventually start behaving the same way as your own boss

2) You will be taken for granted by your boss and maybe others as well

3) You are working for one company not for each other. Bad behaviour is not acceptable.

So how do you identify a bad boss & deal with them? These observations are based on real life experiences and we’re sure you’ll be able to relate to most of this.

Sugar Coated Talkers – the ones who are always very sweet to you for no good reason. They will make sure you always agree with their point of view and will constantly make you feel grateful about them “being nice” to you. But deep down you’re only feeling pressurised. They will somehow always make you stay late and finish their report while they are enjoying a late night movie with their spouse.

How to deal with them? – very politely & sweetly refuse to do things that make you feel you have to do a certain job only because they have asked you to. Is it really important for the company? Is it worth it to sit late at night or work on a holiday? If it can be done during office hours then do it only during office hours.

Blatant Liars – the ones who always refuse to a certain email you’ve sent them, or a phone call, or a feedback they have given you verbally. Not because they have forgotten, but because they’ve changed their mind and they do not want to look like a fool who can’t take decisions. Some bosses may genuinely forget something but if they do it more than often then you can be sure they’re just liars.

How to deal with them? – keep a record of every conversation about work that you have with them. They will never try to pull off a lie in front of you. It is also a good practice as all important discussions will be recorded for your own good.

Loud Mouth – the ones who make your achievements and your personal life a topic of discussion when they’re hanging out with other bosses. They will, mostly, out of the blue, in some meeting highlight a mess you made back in 2010. They might even openly ask you how you were dealing with your girlfriend issues because they will assume that’s what is making you perform poorly.

How to deal with them – do not ever confide in them. Do not ever give them any details…Do not give them details of your wonderful weekend. Keep it very professional.

Ever Insecure – the ones who will never make you a part of meetings related to new projects. Eventually they will hand it over to you but will ensure their bosses don’t know that you’re actually doing the work. Even after they give you the project, they will attend related meetings without you. Afterwards they will sit with you, give you some feedback of their own version and expect you to deliver accordingly.

How to deal with them – directly go and ask them to make you a part of these meetings. If they refuse, question them. Tell them it’s important for you to understand the feedback upfront. Do not just speak to your own boss. You can speak to his boss as well. Remember you are all working for the same company not for each other!

The Condescender – some bosses just don’t understand the integral role they have to play and only get their kicks out of giving orders. They think the members of their teams will not work if they are not ordered around.

How to deal with them – this is a little tricky but for these kind of bosses you need to have a stronger personality than them. You need to be more hands on & well read. Do not be afraid to speak your mind & always look direct at them while speaking to them. We’re not asking you to go out and fight with them. But you must be assertive. This is going to make you more confident & they will eventually stop bothering you. Remember the ones with such nature will always get intimidated by a stronger personality.

The Real Dumb Shady – these guys are mostly bosses because they have a degree from a great management school which placed them in your company. Or, they have some good connection who got them placed as your boss. They will have zero idea of what is going on. Before every meeting they will ask you to give them a summary. It’s not their fault, they never got a chance to learn and they never made an effort as well because they are getting what we all are working for – money. And they’re getting a lot.

How to deal with them – you’re lucky you don’t have to deal with them at all. Let them be. The only negative here is that you will never learn anything from them. You will have to do that yourself.

Follow Up Machine – the ones who think an annual report can be made in 2 days, the ones who think the work should be done by the time they finish talking to you about it. You will always find them going in meetings, getting an update from you, passing on the same update, filling up job status excel sheets. You will never see them do any actual work. The follow ups will come on mail, sometimes on Whatsapp.

How to deal with them – you’re going to have fun with this. Give them an update even before they could ask you. If the job is done or not done, does not matter, the vendor has quit, is on a holiday, does not matter. Give them all the details… every small detail. If they follow up once – you update them twice. Make them taste their own medicine.

The OCD Struck – have you ever worried about reaching on time more than worrying about your performance appraisal? Some bosses will have a time table to everything they need to do in a day & they think everyone in their team should function the same way. So you need to be on time, you need to be clean shaven, you need to be in formals… You have to have all brand social media links in your signature which should go in all emails. Like how can you not?

How to deal with them – it’s really a kind of disorder. You should be feeling sorry for such bosses. To ensure you don’t lose your mind while working with them, walk two steps ahead.

– Meeting at 9 – Be there at 8:50
– Must wear a tie – Wear your blazer as well
– Must have signature in all emails – Make sure to add that in your out of office email.

Your work place is where you spend most of your time, it is important that you feel comfortable. If ever you feel anything pulling you down, accept that something is not right & needs fixing. You need to stand up for yourself at any cost. Never forget that integrity & dignity is the only important thing in life.

Hope you enjoyed reading this. We will come back soon with qualities of a good leader & how you can benefit from them!

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