Your Brand Communication needs an impressive personality as much as you do!

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When you meet someone & speak to them for the first time, within a few seconds they form an opinion about you.

Same thing happens when your brand talks to your customers. Every brand owner wants to drive a certain kind of opinion from their customers/prospects after every marketing activity they do. Let’s call this kind of opinion a “right opinion.”

This “right opinion” depends on the way you communicate with your customers as much as it depends on the quality of your product. But as a marketer your job is to create stellar communication!

We believe that communication is exchange of valuable information leading to a pleasant relationship.

Good & original content is the core of every good communication & can make or break your brand’s online image. It needs to be given utmost importance.

Most brands with good products fail to create content with quality & end up delivering a baseless communication. This mostly happens when content creators focus on the material of the content & not the personality.

For your next marketing activity, try the following approach and see how it transforms the way your audience connects with you. The beauty of this method is that it can be applied to any form of content; audio, video, text & visual and to any industry.

Language Expert

A good speakers gets everyone’s attention. First quality that good speakers have is that they speak correct language. It can be any language, but it is grammatically correct.

You don’t want anyone to be listening to you and half way get distracted by the wrong usage of the words.

Large companies send a lot of mails and materials to large databases on almost daily basis. Sometimes the quantity takes over quality & unavoidable errors occur.

We’re not saying that you need to go crazy with grammar check but basic spellings & grammar must always be on point.

Brand's Spell Error Brand's Spell Error 2

Well Read

If you sell apples you must know everything about apples, you should know all about the kind of apples your competition is selling, and you should know how others are advertising their apples.

A well read brand may talk about only one product but it never replicates.

A good brand knows what it stands for; it knows exactly what it wants & how that will be achieved. A well read brand acts like an influencer & that shows in its every communication!

Influencer Brand
Influencer Brand 2

Communication  that is created for any brand story must always sound certain. How would you ensure that?

  1. Avoid adding fillers
  2. Tagging other associated brands (because if you’re confident then you won’t be threatened giving light to some other brand.
  3. Accurate information must be given at all times.For example, instead of saying – about 8% growth, do not shy away from saying 7.62% growth in sales. Give the exact figures.

If there is a service promise, make it on an open platform. Always be happy to talk about your progress & success but sound humble at the same time. Nothing is more confident than the one who is successful and grounded.

Successful Brands

Successful Brands 2

When having a phone conversation with a customer care executive, do you ever lose your mind? You must have faced two situations. (a) You were angry & lost your mind and the executive on the line treated you the same way & it ended in a long unpleasant conversation followed by more complaints or (b) the executive was very polite, calmed you down & tried to solve your problem.

This understanding attitude plays a big role in making you love or hate a brand. On the online medium it is obviously not possible to show anger.

But your customer facing executives should always respond to every query, try to provide a solution, close every conversation & ensure their messages are not templatized. They should empathize and always sound confident.

Good Customer Care     Good Customer Care 2

Good Customer Care 3

Good Customer Care 4
Well packaged

Gone are the days when marketers or what we now call communicators published only long format text ads. Now it’s more visual as the attention spam of users has reduced.

What matters the most, is the quality and how good you make your content look.

You must ensure your creatives are neat and well shot images, videos should be of high resolution & text should be well written. Always try to have one distinct quality of your brand that you’re proud to show off.

Proud Brand 2
Proud Brand 3


Some brands build legacy, some build products & some brands simply build attitude.

These brands do not move away from announcing that they are the best and they know it. While this is not a top quality but having some tact will always get people talking about you.

BMW - World Car of the Year
Jaguar - Luxury Car
Always think, what if your brand was a human, how would you want it to be?


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