Improve SEO rankings of your Website in 5 Steps

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Have you spent days in creating the best content for your website and met all SEO requirements and you still don’t rank on search engines the way you planned?

Don’t fret over it.

There are solutions out there which designated SEO agencies will charge you for, but to be honest you can do this yourself & save a lot of time & money. Once you build SEO basics & start seeing results, that’s when you can hire SEO experts to add value to the work you’ve already done.

It doesn’t matter how old or new your website is, the points we cover today will go a long way in building a good SEO & better your site position on SERPs.

Understanding the Keywords & Variations

Google throws results basis keywords with the intention to provide more information to the user. Therefore, you will always rank on the top for your brand keyword (if you have a unique name) but you will not always rank on top for other keywords linked to your brand.

Example; if you’re a design agency with the name, Google will show results that explain what design is. After that it may show you top blogs on design and then show your brand website. Result would vary if the search keyword changes to “design agency”.

If you notice that you’re no longer ranking for a keyword, try to see what kind of results its throwing up & optimize your site accordingly. Always add variations of one keyword you’d like to rank for. More than often people search with long tail keywords.

Structure is more important than design

We give a lot of importance to the appearance of our websites and try to get the fancier features designed by the best. Some design elements and features don’t always comply with the best UX guidelines and by the time we realize that, it’s too late. If your pages take too much time to load or don’t appear responsive on mobile devices then your rankings will get affected.

Google’s focus on Accelerated Mobile Pages is one proof point why it’s so important to get the structure and working right before the design.

Not enough Content & Updates

We’ve seen people complaining about not getting enough traffic despite having a full functioning website. After deeper analysis one of the issues was of these not having enough or rather regular content.

If your pages are dated & you don’t keep updating old pages then you’ll miss an opportunity of getting visits on a huge chunk of pages that are getting ignored.

One of the reasons why many businesses start their own blogs. People get attracted to reading materials and go back to product pages with an idea to purchase. A non-updated website gives a negative impression & no one wants to connect with businesses that may have changed their priorities. 

Lack of Website Analysis & Performance

The beauty of Google Analytics is that it’s free but it’s also universal and great to use for small to medium sized businesses. We have used Adobe as well, but Google is easier to get around unless you are a huge bank that deals with customer data in millions. In that case you need to upgrade.

For starters, you need to spend time on analytics and understand “from where” and “to where” you traffic’s travelling, who is visiting and what are they doing on your website.

Check your website performance regularly & see what pages need to be optimized.

No Distribution of Information

It’s a bad advice when someone tells you to advertise in order to get traffic right in the beginning of your business. And that is what most agencies tell their clients.

It is important to set an organic base and get people to notice you without having to pay money to get noticed. It is a slow process but it is long lasting. If you advertise to get traffic today, then the same people who visited you will forget you tomorrow.

Get genuine attention by sharing your content on various platforms where you’re present. Tell your founders to write about the business and become thought leaders, even if you’re not spending money on Facebook advertising, still go ahead & post & keep the page active. Social media adds to good better SEO rankings.


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