Adapt new Influencer Marketing methods that will work for your brand

Influencer Marketing for Driving Business

Once upon a time “influencer marketing” carried a novelty value with it. Today it has been exploited in a way that every second person is an influencer and every brand apparently is falling for this.

Influencers with many (paid) followers often come across as the most suited ones but they don’t end up driving the required relevant message that you’d like for your brand.

It’s just been a few years that influencer marketing was introduced and overdone much. Today we know that you can’t be an influencer if you’re only trying to make noise.

Influence must happen quietly and consistently so that its permanent:

Brands have now started to hire a bunch of microinfluencers who have smaller but genuine followers that give relevant engagement as compared to those with million bought followers and very low engagement rate.

So, what is the real way around influencer marketing & how to really benefit from it?

Search for Likeminded People with a genuine tone of voice:

Look for people on the web who share the same topic interest as you & have genuine messaging style. Keep the ones that have decent following and are opinionated.

Such bunch of influencers will add value to your product and will also come at a much reasonable pay. You’d want to avoid endorsers who talk to multiple brands at one time. Also, stray away from the ones that share for clickbait or for contests.

Product Service usage and not forceful advertising:

Most influencers or rather advertisers forcefully add brand messaging into their scheme of things that makes them another promoter. Influencers must know the brand so the prospects know that its genuine. A genuine influencer will give a detailed walk through of a product or service that he’s applying in his real life.

It could be a makeup product, it could be a CRM tool, it could be a photo edit app or a new car they’re test driving. Influencers just need to add brands that they’re promoting very subtly into the subject matter & their real life.

Thought leaders drive influence:

Quite underrated but building a brand’s own stakeholders into thought leaders goes a long way in adding credibility & creating a mindset. Once you invest in making this stronger your own stakeholders can work as influencers. This is not so direct but is the most powerful.

A brand should speak its own language and through thought leaders it can do so very well.

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