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At the beginning of every year, in every other company, social media teams get together to analyze performances of their online campaigns. They define what “works” and what does not & put immense amount of thoughts on how they need to improve in the coming year.

They discuss various new ideas for days & finalize the ones that stand out & fix the plan for the year.

In this process, they totally miss out the strategy. Strategy is often misconstrued as ideas or a road-map & therefore ideas get implemented all around without having one main agenda.
Running different ideas to produce engagement will give you the same results over and over again. To bring about an impact that’ll matter, you’ll have to work your strategy accordingly.

Ideas don’t change impact; they only give you engagement. Strategy changes an impact of a campaign & ideas help deliver it. 

In the New Year we talked about why Instagram is every marketer’s favorite channel this year. Today we’ll bring to you trends from Instagram that’ll help you build a strategy that’ll better your conversions. 

Increase Sales from the user’s first Decision Making Point

Instagram ads have picked up and how. I remember adding Instagram as placements for every ad I ran on Facebook in the last one year.

After the introduction of shopping on Instagram it has become convenient for many of us. There are already 2 million advertisers on the platform. 

Instagram shopping is hassle free & easy to implement.

You just need to show your product through a nice appealing image & add a link on it. This link will land users to the page where buyers can immediately go & buy the product they just viewed.

Build Intrigue by bringing consumers closer to the Brand

I keep hearing people talk about how they’re not able to use Instagram stories for their brands.

“It’s not suited for my brand..”

Well, it is the platform where most people are.

And there is no separate method to do it. Your tactic should be to show your audience the real people, real experiences and surprise them from time to time.

Consumers need to know the real people behind a brand. That’s how they connect and build an emotional preference.

If your product team is working hard on the launch of a new line of sports shoes, show it to people. Tell people how excited your team is about the launch. It’ll get people excited about the product. Will also show how dedicated your team is.

If you’re having a big event, give a sneak peek & invite people through a personal message. You can use your employees, or even the owner of your brand to do it.

Instagram stories can be used to communicate with the end user at so many levels. Please make use of it.

Increase Sales by Virtual Showcase of Products 

Advertising through stories is quite a trend on Instagram.

Instagram stories have about more than 250 million users and this is the fastest way to get a user’s attention. Once you have their attention, you can throw in an ad which tells them to buy that product if they want.

Right now it’s available for only verified brand pages but will soon be rolled out for the public.

Many celebrities especially in the fashion industry are making use of this feature.

I’d like to end it by one suggestion that was given to me by a dear friend & it still works;

“You want to learn how a social media platform can really help, spend time on it.”

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