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It’s been a while we talked about what’s really hot and happening on social media. To be honest we’ve been reading quite a bit and wanted to come back with something substantial to share with all of you.

So, here we are with our latest findings on the fastest growing social media channel today, Instagram!

Have a quick look at the following:


source: socialmotive.com

Most of the audience on Instagram is between 18 to 34 years of age. We’re very optimistic that this gap is going to increase given the growing affinity towards the brand by most adults. We have the beyond 35 age group slowly filling in. But that’s not the point to note.

“What we must know and remember is that the 65% of the 100 million active users of today are the decision makers of tomorrow.”

You have to catch them where they are and you have to give them what interests them in exactly the way they communicate on Instagram.

Tell your brand story through visually appealing content

Instagram as a platform is meant for communication through beautiful pictures and even videos now. This is one of the main reasons why it attracts most youngsters who love to share their experiences gregariously through photographs & videos (read stories). Instagram attention for youngsters has become the next social currency which gives them the popularity quotient.

As a brand, you need to define your human side through this feature & use it to connect with the audience.

A good start could be sharing photos of your team that continuously work behind the screen making the brand look good, in short –  photos of the ones who run the show, you can then move onto exclusive display of projects you’re working on, or a sneak peak to an upcoming launch.

Once you get the hang of the simpler bits, brand storytelling through Instagram stories will be easy.

Instagram - clicksdaily

Use more of Instagram stories, hashtags & be hyperlocal

Back in the early 2000s brands shied away from coming on Facebook. By the time the same brands realized the importance of the platform it was too late to enter.  Sadly, most brands are still shying away from trying new functionalities.

Digital is fast moving and we do not have time to wait and watch. Marketers need to test out new functionalities while it’s trending.

Instagram stories are effortless, fastest and the easiest way to reach people. Just like announcing a webinar if you announce a session through live stories, you’ll invest less money & get better results.

Instagram does not have a thumb rule of the number of #tags or the optimum amount of character limit one can use. You can very well use long format texts and as many #tags that are relevant to you. It is not odd for this platform.

Instagram is at the best of its time right now, it’ll be a shame if brands don’t benefit from it.

Be consistent and create exclusive content

Consistency is very important on Instagram. You may keep posting endless number of times or maybe just once a week. But as long as you’re consistent and your audience can see your presence then you’re going to benefit in the long run.

You will gain loyal followers and you’ll keep building on your user engagement.

It is OK to post what you’re posting on Facebook onto Twitter (quite sad to say that though) because this kind of dissemination still works to a certain extent. But don’t do that on Instagram. Be as original you can be on Instagram. To maintain your audience engagement you must create content exclusively for Instagram.

IG TV is the new kid on the block

It is a standalone vertical video application launched by Instagram recently. Instagram users can upload videos up to 10 minutes on IGTV & if you’re popular you can also publish videos that are 60 minute long. Isn’t that existing?

If you’re following KB on Instagram, you will know we have posted a few videos on IGTV. It has nothing to do with the brand clicksdaily but it shows you where we get our inspiration from and where do we travel! It’s wonderful because you get to know us better. There goes another pro-tip for building brand & user connection! 😀

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