Don’t spend your Digital Marketing budget, Invest it!

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25% of world’s total advertising money is spent on Google or Facebook. It’s no surprise that companies instantly decide to push some huge %age of marketing budget into online advertising, without even looking at the larger landscape of marketing opportunities available.

I have been a part of some heavy budget digital campaigns & have seen below average results for them. It always pinched me because there were so many areas of improvement that needed attention and investment but everyone overlooked it.

“We’re getting 20 million impressions and we’ve spent only 3 million. That’s great isn’t it?”

I’m happy that today I have the experience & learnings that will highlight where most of your marketing money is getting spent & how it should be utilized to get better results.

Search Engine Optimization is Not a one time effort

Quality of incoming traffic defines how good or bad your business will perform online. This is precisely the reason why we go into in-depth analysis to find the right target.

It’s very simple.

Find out the online channels where your defined TG is, show them an ad which could get their attention & hope for them to click the ad. Once they click the ad & land on your website, you have a potential customer.

Now let’s look at this another scenario.

A user goes on search engines looking for a product/service or an information that happens to be available on your site. The user sees tons of results and decided to click on the link to your website. The user lands on your website and now you have a potential customer. Point to note, this customer has a stronger intent & therefore there’s a greater chance of them to convert.

So where should you be spending more money?

SEO is wrongly considered to be a one time effort activity and I’ve had business reps sell it to me as a free of cost one time service. Isn’t that sad?

If you really want to increase your sales from genuine customers, I will urge you to invest in a good SEO team. You could either hire SEO experts, or invest in an SEO agency. Make sure that you regularly optimize and re-optimize through various SEO tactics to build a stronger presence on top positions in search engines.

Customer Service starts & ends on Twitter

We’re not averse to the idea of using Twitter as a customer care platform. Well, that is where the customers are complaining so your brand presence on Twitter is imperative. All the more, we encourage all brands to have a dedicated customer care process for Twitter.

The problem is that most brands give importance to respond to every customer care query on Twitter but miserably fail at actually solving the issue. Once a customer query from social media is passed on to customer care teams, its mostly forgotten.

Companies spend money in building customer care team and processes but there’s not much investment in building a CRM that would integrate every little detail and concerns of a customer.

It sure is a lot of effort at the beginning, but once you fix it, you’re sorted. Some brands that do customer service  really well are Nike & Spotify.

Content Creation is the solution to every problem

Over the last so many decades, subject of marketing has taken an important place in the functioning of many companies. The companies that would usually not depend on digital marketing for ROI are shifting their efforts and are enjoying real time results.

Marketers are moving from banners and display advertisements to content promotion because they all know that customers have become smarter & you can’t “tell” them what you have & expect them to stick around.

To generate interest in your prospects you’ll have to start talking to them and show actual results through storytelling rather than putting ads in their faces all the time.

Traditional methods do not work the way they used to in the past. Invest more in telling the story through infographics, presentations, articles, interviews, live chats, customer interactions, case studies & videos. 

Research is not meant for R&D department only

Just like any brand study, your marketing ideas should also be backed up with research. It will make your proposal even stronger & legit.

Why have you suggested a budget of $4000, why are you going for programmatic, why aren’t you considering direct buy?

If every point in your proposal is backed up with fact & logic, you will hardly ever see projects getting rejected. That’s why, research on your subject (no matter how strong your skills are), your competition, and your campaigns should be thorough.

The big question, Where do you start?

Remember the topic is to “invest” money and not spend it. Investment brings you more of what you put in & that is what this point is all about.

Do you remember how introduction of tools like Hootsuite and Bitly was a blessing for social media managers back in 2010? We could all use one platform to schedule updates, manage customer queries, interact and do so much more on it. It integrated the daily monitoring and community management that saved a lot of time. Many MNCs still use Hootsuit enterprise version.

Competition is unreal in the current times. It can take one small mistake to break a brand image or one small idea to make one.

Sometimes an hour worth of your effort can double your results & that’s what smart working is. Nobody cares if you work hard, any one can work hard! The question is, Can you work smart?

A while ago I was working on a big brand campaign that was broken down into multiple smaller goals. It was all under one umbrella but it was vast and each goal with its own strategy & methods.

We were made to go through SCRUM training and understanding & working of tools like Kanban. It totally messed up our work frame and mindset & we all ended up spending more time updating the jobs that we had to do rather than the job itself.

SCRUM method and Kanban tools are powerful and help manage projects which has a huge team working on it. But it does not help in all projects. Specially digital where the average team size in every company does not exceed 3-4 members.

So for me the challenge was mainly to bring in something that would bring me value, save time & don’t cost me a fortune. Enter, GetResponse.

GetResponse is a well known powerful all-in-one marketing platform that is designed to streamline your online campaigns to get you better results. Have a look at the given features that cover almost all of it.

GetResponse | Marketing Platform

source: GetResponse

It comes with various payment options so small business customers like me go for a monthly $49 package & their current customers like Hilton, AVON & IKEA which are really huge organization must be using thier Max ($165/mo) or Enterprise ($1199/mo) package.

If your requirement is only Email, you can still opt for their Email package which comes at a cost as low as $15/mo.

Honestly you can pick a package basis your requirement. All it needs is a dedicated small investment each month & from then on you get more control of your business.

It is recommended by Forbes, Mashable & Huffpost as well. It saves you great deal of money because you don’t have to go to multiple vendors as this keeps everything one roof. You can have more control on your budget & yield better results for your business.

If you decide to go for this & I recommend you should do a pilot atleast, opt for the most popular $49/mo package that is designed for growth-focused marketers and SMBs like me – Click here!

Quickly glance at the points I mentioned above, you’ll see that we are insisting on pushing more money behind quality and not quantity. If your content & method has value then you’ll require very little advertising budget to yield genuine & better results.

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