Funny things people will do after iPhone7 release!


Apple released iPhone7 yesterday & that’s obviously the hot trending topic on the internet. Most of us will react to the release in one or more ways described below.

  1. Ones with iPhone5/5S will check the features of 7 & 7 Plus & will finally buy iPhone6/6Sclicksdailyiphone
  2. Someone you know will buy 7 or 7S on the day it hits the storeclicksdailyiphone1
  3. One of your friends will call their uncle in the US & ask him to buy the phone for themclicksdailyiphone2
  4. Some of us who can’t afford to buy the new iPhone will immediately check the condition of our chargers and will stalk up on extra because we’re scared they’ll go extinct very soonclicksdailyiphone3
  5. Some of us will secretly start saving up to buy the phone in 6 monthsclicksdailyiphone4
  6. Last, this person will never ever buy an iPhone, but will spam his friends with all sorts of information on the new iPhone & it’s featuresclicksdailyiphone5Image Source: google & unsplash

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