Social Media lessons from the world’s oldest and one of the best Airline | KLM Social Media Study 

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Social media has taken a huge leap in the last decade and worked as a blessing for many brands, especially the ones that don’t have the right infrastructure or money to drive their business. It has become quite easy to talk to the end consumer and reach millions in about seconds but only if you apply the right tactic.

Most of the times you’ll come across the same kind of boring content leaving you very unimpressed. You run a high risk of losing your customer’s interest if you’re lazy about your communication. Good communication plays a vital role in building relationships online and that’s why we keep stressing on original and good communication.

Talking of good communication, KLM is one of our favourite brands online. They have always been at the top of the list in terms of driving social media engagements. They are one of the few brands who get customer attention because of good creative communication & compassion towards their customers.

KLM Social Media
KLM Social Media Post
KLM Social Media Study
We have been following them from years and  were quite thrilled about this particular social media tactic that they adopted to better customer experience. This has really inspired us and that’s why we’d like to bring this study to you.

KLM as we know is one of the world’s oldest airline. They’ve always strived to give the best service to their customers and have been very successful at it.

Some time back they decided to enhance their customer relationship by making a lot of processes convenient for their customers.

Airline realized that travellers require assistance multiple times starting right from when they first start searching for air tickets. They knew that most of their customers were highly active on social media and connecting on these platforms could help.
That’s when they decided to use Facebook messenger to have direct conversations with their customers.

The airline implemented AI into Facebook messenger that is driven by a bot. This bot answers every user’s query after identifying certain keywords which have been added with about 60-80K questions. It is still not sensitized for all sorts of questions but that does not seem to be a problem for KLM customers.

Implementation of  this tactic helped KLM increase their customer interactions by about 40% & today more than 10% passengers prefer getting their boarding passes through Facebook messenger because its convenient.

You might think that this is what a lot of other brands are also doing, so how is KLM different?

  1. They respond to their customers just like how any one would respond to their friends. This builds an instant connection.
  2. They showcase behind the scenes stories of their employees and customers hence bringing life into the brand.
  3.  They keep their customer experience as number 1 priority that builds an emotional connect making them a preferred airline.
  4.  The most important, they do not use their channels as just another platform to publicise themselves, they use every platform as one stop shop to solve queries of all customers.

It is a delight to see their stories and messages online and talking to their customer care is always pleasant. You can get a demo of this for yourself. Check their Facebook page here.


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