Launch of iPhone X–pensive!

iPhone X - Launch


If you’re wondering why we haven’t talked about the major news from Apple’s recent event & how our title is also not original, then here’s why.

There was a lot of news around social media and everything seemed to be overwhelming. We took our time to review how the world took the launch, what was in it from Apple and what should be the important things that we’d like to talk to you about the new iPhone 8 X.

We won’t cover iPhone 8 because that’s not what we’re so kicked about. We also personally doubt the sale of iPhone 8 in comparison to iPhone X. Don’t you?

(Please tell us in comments if you considered buying iPhone 8)


So let’s jump to the awesome features of the iPhone X;

The greater and bigger OLED screen – There’s dearth of originality that has been seen in Apple in the past years. However this did not come in the way of Apple while developing this beautiful handset, though, it has been totally inspired by Android devices launched a while back. The upgraded resolution of 2436 X 1125 at 458 ppi across the screen creates a very advanced display which you will not find in iPhone 8.

OLED Screen - iPhone X

Upgraded & more powerful front camera – The cutout on top of the clean screen shows the resting place of the magic camera. Why are we calling it that? The front camera includes infrared camera, flood illuminator, proximity scanner, ambient light sensor, speaker, microphone, 7 – megapixel camera, and dot projector. Long story short; this is what makes for the amazing camera that Apple is calling; TrueDepth camera. TrueDepth feature will also let you take portraits just like how you could with the back camera of iPhone 7 Plus.

Introducing Animojis – These are cartoon animal emojis that copy your face expressions, movements & speech with the front camera and 3D sensors of iPhone X. While this might come across as a really kiddish feature, people will have a little fun with it in the beginning before it wears off.

Bigger screen size – The screen size of iPhone X comes to about 5.8 inches if you measure it diagonally. That is a lot of screen space in the world of iPhone fellas! For the ones who value bigger screens and spend more time watching their favourite shows and movies or playing games, they will totally love the new screen size of iPhone X.

5.85 inches - iPhone Diagonal Screen

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Face ID replaces touch id – Getting Face ID recognition in place of touch ID may feel like a little setback in the beginning; just how touch ID seemed when it was first launched. But we’ll get used to it. The whole point of making you unlock your phone by keeping it in front of your face seems way in the future and comes with a lot of doubts. However at the same time it is also a leap into the future which is exciting and this experience is being given to you from this very expensive iPhone X.

Here is also a link with detailed specification for the real geek in you –

We also feel, iPhone X is  very expensive and for features that have been inspired from Android? Yes, there are some new features but does it not hurt to see $999 as the price for this phone?

Some people buy iPhones one year after its launch; the cost is pretty much the reason why. iPhone is not as simple as buying a mobile phone. This is a lifestyle upgrade!

If this was overwhelming for you just how it was for us, you can read this funny piece about what people do after every iPhone launch from our last year’s iPhone edition.

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