An honest letter to my beloved Agency…

An honest letter to my Agency

It all began with that heart winning pitch.

You bowled me over & started our relationship with the signing of the agreement. The agreement that contained the guidelines of what would become the base of this long term relationship.

I feel that in the last few years a lot has changed. Somewhere in the middle of amazing campaigns and missed opportunities, brilliant copy lines and basic grammatical errors we have lost the zest we had in the beginning.

We now understand the behavior of each other but continuously fail to understand each others needs. I don’t know what is the reason.

Maybe you’re full of my products and it is not exciting to work on anymore or maybe I’ve made you so comfortable that you feel it isn’t essential to give me the same kind of attention anymore.

I don’t know what it is for sure. This letter is to tell you some regular things that bother me day in and day out and makes me feel like moving on. But I won’t because at the end of it, we still make a good team!

I know when you are really busy & when you’re just avoiding confrontation. It so happens that after sending an email to you highlighting a problem area you will not be available on the phone.

You will either not know why the problem came up, or this is just to buy more time to figure out the right explanation.

I don’t understand why you’re late for every meeting. It really is not that hard. To arrive on time for a client’s meeting. You are familiar with the 101 meeting rooms that we have in our office and how difficult it is to get a booking. And thanks to your last minute rescheduling I often have to beg others to give the meeting room to me.

Why do I have to tell you the basic guidelines for videos every single time? Remember that one time actually the first time when your NCD insisted to get the brand guidelines from us & how I send it to you immediately? Yes. That. Why do you still fail to meet them in creatives and videos?

Basic grammar erorrs. We are all experienced individuals working in reputed organizations and understand how a wrong spelling can bring down a brand’s image then why would you have your senior copywriter send me a copy with basic grammar errors? It is because the material is not proofread or not QCd or not even read by your senior copywriter.

Someone else’s message on my Twitter Profile. I know you have other clients and various accounts to look into. But should a client be ok if you post an image of a fashion brand on a financial brand’s page?

You must know that I am still with you because I have the same confidence you set in me on day one when I decided that we had to work together. I will still give you the same feedback multiple times; on the phone, in the email, on whatsapp if you will but I will still not accept a below average work because that’s not what you promised. Am I wrong? I guess not!


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