We’re all a bunch of liars!

We're all a bunch of liars!

“The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept.”  – George Carlin

Most of us live with the apprehension of being all figured out. We don’t always behave entirely ourselves when we’re out of our comfort zone.
Is it fear of being judged, or fear of being confronted or fear of betrayal?


Could be anything.


Therefore, most of us often lie about a lot of things.


We did a little survey around and about and found out popular questions that most people don’t truthfully answer.

See if you can pass through these 25 questions truthfully 😉

1.    Do you try to copy your favourite celebrity’s style?

2.    Do you pretend to not like Justin Bieber?

3.    Do you really hate taking selfies?

4.    Is your favourite music genre really your favourite?

5.    Do you feel you get paid enough for work you do but often say that you deserve more?

6.    Do you trust your partner with money?

7.    Do you lie about not carrying your phone charger?

8.    Do you like to share your food?

9.    Are you really a morning person?

10. Do you really hate your boss or you say it to get along with everyone else?

11. Do you take naps in office restrooms?

12. If you were alone at home for the weekend will you skip shower?

13. Do you purposely ignore a friend’s call to avoid going out?

14. Have you ever lied about a dead relative’s death to avoid going out?

15. Do you repeat your bra or your boxers for straight two days?

16. Do you ever judge your best friend for their choices?

17. Do you dig your nose & throw boogies in the air?

18. Do you fart in public?

19. Do you ever put your tummy all out to see the size of your paunch in front of the mirror?

20. Do you purposely ignore the call from your mom when she’s checking on whether you’ve eaten or not?

21. Do you make small talks with people in your office because you feel guilty of ignoring them?

22. Do you make small talks with people in your office because they are holding an important position?

23. Have you ever uploaded any picture or put up any status to annoy your ex?

24. How much do you really make every month?

25. Do you watch porn?

Small little harmless lies we all tell each other all the time. But does it really matter?

It really does not.

We’re all a little mess during some phases of our lives as we fight our own little battles. Everything we say or do make us who we are & define the road we take to move ahead in life.

Sometimes not being entirely true is wise. Just don’t lie at the cost of somebody else’s feelings. Stay within your boundaries!

Hope you enjoyed reading this! We’d love to hear from you and maybe get a few more questions. Tell us if you have anything to contribute!

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