LinkedIn grew bigger & better while you were not noticing!

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If it was 2010 and you were to ask us about the best platform for networking which could land you a job in a good company, then that platform had to be LinkedIn. Upcoming and most intellectual around that time.

It still is all those things. But also, a lot more.

While we were all busy making Snapchat stories and working on 360 degree videos, LinkedIn was growing its audience base and building on its strong points.

Today LinkedIn is the only relevant platform that will grow your work network, build your individual voice and will help you target industries and job titles most accurately, hence making your marketing work for both b2c & b2b markets.

LinkedIn grew to 500 million users & 250 million monthly active users this January!

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Networking for individuals & bigger opportunity for brands

LinkedIn is a no-nonsense platform where people converse with each other on genuine topics. The format is such that it does not entertain spammers or people who are simply looking to make friends.

LinkedIn allows you to meet people from your organisation to across industries.

The platform lets you add your achievements and skill sets throughout your work experience. You can also get recommendations from people you’ve worked with in the past.

This platform then acts as your one stop resume as well. This ends up giving you a larger audience base that can create future work or business opportunities for yourself.

Most companies have been using LinkedIn to find the right candidate for specific roles in the company. But there’s a bigger opportunity for brands to connect with their customers & partners on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn - Content

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Original content source & opportunity for leaders to voice their opinion

LinkedIn did not really start Pulse with the agenda of allowing people to post their own articles but to aggregate news. Today with about 30 million users its generating about a lakh organic articles per week.

Individuals holding important positions in top companies can easily talk about their learnings, their business or topics that are of interest to the general audience.

Pulse helps people reach a larger base with no cost implications.

LinkedIn Pulse

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Creates influencers & helps personal branding

What’s better than a platform that allows an individual to showcase their achievements & share their learnings to reach a decent audience?

LinkedIn gives industry experts a platform to become influencers without having to invest any money. It allows individuals to voice their opinions with like-minded people & eventually grow their follower base.

Leaders from top companies can easily push their company views through LinkedIn and build brand custodians.

These are three great tactics to adopt if you want to reap benefits from LinkedIn.

It is one social channel that pulls people who are looking for information and to connect for opportunities. This means serious mindset and genuine conversations. In between all this, the potential of conversion is much higher.

Yes, it is an expensive platform if you look at investing time & effort but it is also the most promising for building thought leadership for brands and leaders.


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