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If we tell you that there are only two types of users on LinkedIn, will you believe us?

Maybe not!

This article is an attempt to show what really matters on LinkedIn & how there is only one broad type of user who should be your target.

The two broad types of users that we are talking about are: job hunters & content consumers.

Job hunters are on LinkedIn to only build network or are representatives from human resources department of companies. They will never convert or contribute to anything that your brand is doing. We don’t even need to dwell on this type.

Your focus has to be on the content consumers. We define LinkedIn content consumers as the ones who read, engage & share their point of view. You must keep this type in mind when you’re working on your LinkedIn strategy.

Now we’ll look at what really matters on LinkedIn & how this will get your brand the due attention it requires.

Benefitting Communication – every time you publish anything on LinkedIn, ask yourself, what will the user get out of it? Will they learn a little something about you or your brand? If the answer is no then you might as well publish that piece on Facebook. You must share your industry specific information that will make the user come back to you. Instead of showing pictures of your house, show them how you built it & how you’re going to decorate it.

For example, if you’re a big automobile company and have always shared pictures of new car models & suddenly you share the new design & technology & the story behind building a new series of cars then we bet the latter will get more engagement. The content consumers are hungry for information. Feed them well.

Building Thought Leadership – the responsibility of the brand image lies most on the top management as they are the ones who have built experience over the years & are popular among their stakeholders. If they are savvy on social media then it is even better for the brand.

LinkedIn is one such platform where these individuals must be outspoken about their business and their business strategy & future of the company.


A brand giving expert comments on the coming budget for the year may not garner that attention but if an influential Executive Officer from the same company gives his (read company) point of view then we bet it will only make your brand more influential. The leaders can also publish their point of view on LinkedIn Pulse (we will talk about this later in detail) to increase credibility & authority. In this case the content will also gain more visibility.

IBM does this really well. Most of IBM’s employees work on its social media marketing. Their idea of representing their brand online is by keeping their employees first.

Showcase Star Performers
– there is nothing more encouraging then getting appreciated. And if the appreciation is on a public platform then it only adds up to your brand image. Google does it really well. Talk about the star performers, what they do differently, how they make you proud.

This is going to get your employees to be more loyal, and more engaging on LinkedIn. It will also make your brand a more desirable place to work at. That is also one of the main objectives you should add in your LinkedIn strategy.

The Other Side – this is not the platform where you can sell a movie ticket. But you can always talk about what sets you apart. Then you might be selling milk, but if you talk about how you’re processing the milk, the team behind the processing & how it’s reaching the customers… then it just makes it more interesting.

We’re not saying do not talk about offers, we’re saying do not sell. Your phone must be the best in the market right now, and also most expensive. Can you sell it on LinkedIn by saying,

10% cashback on new iPhone. Offer valid till 31st Dec!

How about saying this,

7 new features & technology innovation we tried to build in the new iPhone just for you!

The second communication will get you the attention of the content consumers, potential influences & buyers.

Corporate Social Responsibility – it is upon the corporate organisations to realise that they have been given control over making a difference to the society. CSR structure & scope is not limited or closed, therefore organisations should try & take this into the parts which need attention, help out in the best way possible &  bring it to the society with proper facts & figures. Ask for volunteers, take testimonials & create content which evokes emotion. You can also involve influencers who have no controversial background.

The best would be to include the younger individuals of the society who are active on social media. Organisations can easily do this by tying up with B-schools & colleges.

Opportunities for Others –  lastly, you must highlight the opportunities for others to join your organisation. While you have job updates on LinkedIn but how nice will it be if you publish the same requirement from your company page. Now just don’t add the job opening update as is. Detail out the requirements, make the update more personal, talk about what you’re expecting & what can the individual expect from the company further increasing your credibility.

One more important factor on LinkedIn is the advertising. But we’d like to talk about that in detail in a different article. Tell us if you have some more thoughts for companies on LinkedIn. If we like it, we’ll add it to this article featuring you!


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