Lonely Together

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as tiny as a little puppy,


with eyes always full of despair,


walking around like a squiggly worm,


he wants what? nobody knows,


for if right words could he frame,


this would not be his being,


once with the warmth of cuddles and kisses,


today its only the cold around,


he’s not alone today,


being lonely together, is the only joy.


Children of Syria have seen one of the worst war situations ever. The civil warfare which is now more than six years old got worse with time. If you see the current stats, the Syrian refugees are all under the age of 18. What does the future look like for them? It is a matter to worry. Not just for them, but for all of us. Over 40%  of millions in the country are suffering. There is a spark of great negative that is being spread and the outcome is not going to be pleasant. We need to save the children of Syria. Please come together and educate as many people as you can about this.

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