I love Madrid for more than one reason!

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From time to time we surprise you with some unconventional topics, but this one is really very close to my heart.


This city brings so many wonderful memories and it feels like home every time I say the city name. I can go back to Madrid a million times before I die and can come back to it again.

This trip was about a few months back when I decided to visit Madrid for a week with a couple of friends.

I wanted to explore the city as a local and meet people from other regions and therefore I decided to stay at The Hat at Calle Imperial. Its a great hostel with a wonderful staff.

I must say, Spanish people are the best in the world. They know how to take life with a pinch of salt and make the most of it each day every day.

Tha Hat Madrid

I was so happy here that it made me want to do what I love the most!


On first night I joined the gang at the hostel to go bar hopping. Just to see what’s the big deal. Well, you must do that if you’re in Spain.

If you’re lucky you might get to be a part of the local fiesta. Every bar and food joint is on the road and they all rejoice together.

Madrid is a very big city but you must walk it all around. Every thing is close to each other that you won’t even realize you’re walking a lot.

You must take one of the free city tours to know about the history. They’ll mostly take you to a lot of touristy places. But I don’t want to talk about that.

You’ll be surprised to know that there’s a vegetarian and the most amazing burger joint in Madrid called Viva Burger at Costanilla de San Andreś. Also, get your patata bravas here and nowhere else.

Viva Burger Madrid
Just walk around the city and explore the streets. Walk into any small bar and order the best sangria in the world. It is so refreshing, feels like heaven. Do not waste money on any other beverage.

And when you get hungry and need a quick bite just stop by any Turkish joint & get a Doner Kebab. They’re not as good as what you get in Germany but still yummy.

I’m not a huge fan of museums but someone in a cafe recommended us to visit Reina Sofia for the Picasso paintings. Its right opposite the Atocha train station.

Have a look at this beauty.

Guernica Madrid

Best museum visit ever (and I’ve only been to two)

It’s on the second floor and is one of Picasso’s great work on the Spanish civil war. It’s called Guernica.

Right across this museum (it’s a big square sort of) there’s an Italian restaurant with amazing spaghetti pasta with prawns and olive oil. I highly recommend it. I don’t remember the name, but you’ll spot it.

The highlight of my trip is Chocolateria San Gines. It’s a churros place which was first opened in 1856 & is very close to Plaza Mayor. The owners have maintained the same vibe and look till today. It is open 24*7 and many big personalities have visited this place.

Madrid is gorgeous. Every single part of it. I have only covered what is unforgettable and what I will keep going back for!

This topic is very close to my heart so I insisted on having this published as me. I’m the creator and co-writer of this website! Do drop in a line if you like to speak to me or share any of your experiences from my most favorite city.

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