Motivation for Independent Content Writers like Me!

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The biggest fear of independent content writers is to be able to generate ideas regularly.

Or so we’ve heard.

According to me, the real biggest fear of independent content writers is to stay motivated to write.

Lack of motivation can keep you stuck at the first sentence.

You’ll try to lose the laptop because real writers never had laptops and they delivered masterpieces. So, you’ll pick a pen or a pencil to actually write down the content because that is the “real” deal & it’ll automatically generate ideas.

We all have our ways. This is my way. Which does not work as well.

I’ll now talk about what really works, because that’s what got me to my first 100 content pieces. Let’s learn how to generate motivation each day.

Real trick is to read a lot and learn from it

The more time you spend reading before you sit down to write, more positivity and energy you’ll receive to write. When you read somebody else’s work you end up increasing your own knowledge.

This also widens your thought bubble and helps you arrive at your own perspective.

We’re lucky to be born in this era where learning process is so quick. A few clicks on the screen and there you have a list of ideas and thoughts to dwell in.

Pick your topic & study its performance

Once you’ve picked your topic, take the most relevant keywords linked to it & Google search articles on it. Observe & study only the top 3 articles. That is the most performing & that’s the space you need to be. Try different combination of keywords until you’re convinced of your own idea.

The keywords you Google search need to be linked to your article otherwise this exercise will be a total waste of your time.

Check this out:

Google Search for Content Instagram on Google SearchSnow Google Search

I have tried Buzzsumo in the past to look for performing content. This tool shows you top articles that have performed well on social platforms.

Buzzsumo is not free after a few times you use it in a day. In the free version it shows you what has performed well in the last 2 years. So if you need it to be current you’ll have to upgrade to the paid version.

Honestly, I don’t see the point of investing in this tool in the beginning when you’re trying to make money. If you’re well-read then you’ll know what really works.

I will highly recommend to never go for blog headline generators. I was recommended to use Hubspot headline generator. They put your keywords together and generate bizzare headlines.

For the sake of an example, I tried to use it right now. Check this out:

Hubspot Headline Generator | Content

Hubspot Headline Generates Headline | Content

Reading News can help you boost your ideas and stay current

News sites may not always give you ideas to write an entire article but it will always add value and improve your vocabulary. You’ll learn new ways to express your ideas and sometimes ways of how not to express your ideas.

We had published an interesting rant in 2016 about how news is dead. Most of the news is created to manipulate and influence opinions. But, as content website owners we can make a change and give an unbiased point of view to people.

You’ll also get variety of  topics to write about.

Re-work & re-launch your old content

Every website generates more traffic with time. If you keep patience you’ll learn that with consistency you’ll increase traffic and also engagement over the years.

But during this period some content pieces published may not get enough exposure due to multiple reasons.

It is a good practice to bring old content back up, re-write it & re-publish it. At the end of it when you read and compare you’ll have two very different variations and you’ll be happy with the outcome.


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