If Nike can do it, so can you!

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Once in a while there comes a brand that sets its own legacy and you instantly build a connection with it. You may or may not use their product but every time you see their advertisement you feel happy.

Nike does exactly that to you.

It builds a sense of desire, a sense of passion and exclusivity that makes Nike one of the most loved brands. You may have bought only one product of Nike in your life but you’ll always be a proud owner. That’s the sense it has always successfully created from its communication.

Nike pays more attention to producing great products as well. There are equally good products in the market but Nike stands out only because it finishes up with a consistent marketing strategy.
Building a brand that is loved by mostly everyone is a task. It is a continuous effort that takes years to build an unbreakable brand image.

We browsed through what Nike has done over the years and hand-picked what pretty much makes their successful marketing strategy.

Nike is one of the most loved brands because it wins at Identity, Emotions & Motivation; three most powerful tactics to connect with people.


Just do it.

Nike owns this phrase. They adopted this in the year 1988 during an agency meeting and have stuck with this till now. It was adopted because the brand stood by fitness and running for good health. It was created to motivate athletes and sportsman.

Most brands fail at connecting with their audience because they work on their brand identity every second year and keep wondering what’s not working for them.

We’re not pushing you to have “one catch phrase forever” as an identity. It goes further than that. We’re talking about building an identity for your brand. It can be anything that defines your products or your service.

It has to be long lasting.

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People idolize sportsmen. People follow their journey; celebrate their victories & get motivated by their success. Nike continues to create brand custodians from celebrity sportsmen.

This builds a strong sense of want from the huge fan following of these celebrities.


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We connect more with people who motivate us and that’s the reason we are most connected to our friends and family. They make us feel good and bring out the best in us.

That’s exactly what good brands do to us.

Brands like Nike, Dove and Starbucks are the ones that motivate and make us happy all the time.

You can be from any industry, but if you identity what motivates your consumers then you will have them for life.
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