Probable reasons for poor performing Online Ad campaigns

Non-Promoted Posts on Facebook


Online advertising campaigns are designed to make brands spend more money & try various methods for attaining a goal. Half the time the goal is unachievable not because of the various methods, but because of the overall strategy.

What we need to understand is that goals don’t depend on the channel more than they depend on how you’re using that channel.

It is so sad to see the same ad from a company on all the channels I visit. I have a separate agenda on every platform I spend my time on; if your advert or your content does not match my mood then I’m going to ignore it.

This is what happens with millions of your other customers. They don’t engage with your advert/content & keep ignoring it leaving you with higher CPCs.

Lead Generation


Not all brands can drive leads from Instagram, and not all brands can get engagement on LinkedIn.

So now, the question is, how do you make successful paid campaigns?


Know Your Customers

Before you spend any money (blindly) on online advertising, understand your customers in terms of what they do online, what do they talk about you, are they following your competition?

Are they even online?

Don’t fret; there are many tools and research companies that will provide social media profiling to help you identify your customers & their behavior.  You can go a step closer by conducting a survey or discussion to directly speak to your customers.

Once you know who your online customers are & what they’re doing then building a successful strategy will be easy.

Get Your Customers to Know You

A healthy brand – customer relationship is formed only when both understand each other really well.  By the time you reach this point you’d have already figured your customers online & now it’s your turn to make them know you.

You’ve found them online, now they need to find you – online.

Make sure you build a website if you don’t already have one, and keep it updated from SEO point of view. Your customers need to know that if they look for any of your stores, or your solutions they can easily find it online and on platforms where they spend time. They shouldn’t be made to do any extra work. 

Some brands keep their Facebook pages closed so they don’t get complaints on the profile. You should always keep it open & use this as an opportunity to build better relationships.

After you’ve filled in all possible places where your customers can find you, you’ll have to educate them consistently.

Define your objective & use appropriate advertising routes for each channel

A sponsored post on LinkedIn will not give you the same result as a sponsored post on Facebook.

Similarly, conversions from a target audience of CEOs & CXOs will happen more on LinkedIn than any other platform.

Live blogging of an event will work well on Twitter or an Instagram story but not on Facebook.

We all know this, but when it comes to advertising, most of us make the mistake of thinking that just because we’re spending money the ad WILL perform.

It’s a popular & a grave misconception that makes brands end up paying for a lot of clicks and generate no real engagement or lead.

Remember the following golden rules when you work on your advertising strategy next time:

  • Facebook & Instagram for content engagement, online traffic & lead generation basis various targeting options
  • LinkedIn for online traffic & lead generation basis targeting employers, industries & designations/ profiles
  • AdWords for lead generation, customer acquisition & sales
  • Twitter for paid influencer activity (should be your last option though)

Don’t underestimate a customer’s offline presence

Every content piece we write that involves any customer related activity is never complete without us talking about a customer’s online life-cycle. If you’ve followed us through articles, you’d know that we always emphasize on having your customers journey recorded at every point.

As much as you know the last time your customer filled a form on your website, you must also know the last time they visited your offline store. You must know the last time your customer posted a question on your social media profile and when they called your toll free number.

After knowing your customers’ every (specially last) interaction with your brand you’ll be able to target better and get the required results without wasting any money.

We’ve covered all that you can implement in order to build a strong & successful strategy. You’ll end up making the most from advertising without being pulled into delivering pointless impressions and clicks.

Have any suggestion? Do drop in a line. 

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