5 Smart Ways to Promote Business Events Online

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One of the biggest challenges I’ve personally faced has been about promoting an on ground event on new media. 80% focus always goes in the venue, menu, guests, invitation, dress code, agenda, speakers, panels, dinner and drinks and all that.

This is my least favorite part & all other digital marketers will agree. (hopefully)

For any event, my work through has always been limited to live blogging. Sadly. There was no enthusiasm from the event teams and therefore zero motivation for me.

I’ve noticed that business-to-business companies have a lot of on-ground events with their customers and they often end up doing an online press release & live blogging. You’ll agree that this does not really fit the bill and a lot of potential awareness that could’ve been created, gets totally wasted.

There are a few brands who get this strategy on point and do a wonderful job of offline & online integration, however there is still a lot of air that needs to be cleared for the rest of us.

I’m going to share some points that I’ve discovered & have successfully implemented in the recent past.

Keeping one tonality on screen & off screen

We make this point in almost every 7th   content piece we write and it is because this is the most important factor ever.

You can’t expect to have your audience remember you for a long time unless you keep talking to them in the same language over a period of time across all communication channels. If your event invite says “Unveiling Fashion Stories through Instagram,” then your online communication can’t say “Fashion Trends on Instagram.

This ends up confusing the audience so much so they will not remember your brand message and internet trollers will point out loud your mistake and competition will take advantage of this mess.

Keep same tonality across channels. You may drive awareness through different tactics but the key take away message should remain the same.

Build intrigue through real stories

You can’t get people talking about your event if you don’t promote it through enticing information. Real stories always get the right attention.

Bring in the stories that validate the content of the event. Real customer stories always get people interested more in you.

Remember, for a business-to-business brand the bridge is built by the customer itself. Make customer an important bait in your strategy.

Invite key opinion leaders on screen

Individuals who are topic experts and leaders in the market often make it to the discussion forums & panels in events. But an on ground event can’t include all possible opinion leaders & the larger audience can miss the main points.

This is why new media comes into the picture & gives you the flexibility to run a discussion online
and reach a larger audience base.

A QnA or AMA or even a basic Twitter chat can be of great help here. Send out invitations to individuals who
are important to your industry. Invite people who engage in similar topics and you know will be able to add value to your conversations.

Share excerpts in a more structured and usable manner

A press release or a one page PDF does not always do justice to the highlights from an event. I personally
feel its very unfair to have people go through such a detailed document. No one has the time or patience to read
through a detailed document.

If you want technical information to be shared & want people to get the message then you need to create short snippets or infographics.

Create short snack-able content that’s easier to share and understand.

Curate, create and share for long tail awareness.

I have never seen anyone value the conversations that come out of an online activity. Conversation or “buzz” that is created during event promotions comes down to just a number.

Curate the conversations, pick the interesting ones, use them to create images, GIFs, or videos & post it back as audience reaction, audience views. Use it as a “Thank You” for participating message or position users as thought leaders.

This will be much appreciated by people & they’ll keep coming back for more.


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