A Brand’s online reputation is as important as the product

Control over a brand’s reputation has entirely moved from the owner to customers. Customers have the power to either uplift a brand or bring it down in just a few minutes.

Imagine having a customer of million followers tweeting negatively about your brand? You’ll definitely lose business but what’s the guarantee that you’ll recover?

Brands have so many online ways to reach out to their customers & strengthen their relationships. Instead, they primarily use social media for brand promotion and put customers at the back end.

This often makes brands a part of the race to generate more and more and more content without any direction. And that’s when errors happen which costs millions to the customer.

Threat from negative comments is unending.

1) Unhappy customers & ex-employees write negative updates on social media
2) Negative updates spread faster than positive
3) Number of prospect customers reduces
4) No new talent gets attracted to work in a brand with a negative reputation

A brand’s negative online reputation can really be damaging for future unless some corrective measures are taken & diligently followed.

1)  72% users take action after reading a review
2) 88% of online users read reviews to check the quality & trust of local businesses
3) 85% users read product reviews before any buying decision

source: Webhopers

It’s not too late. The beauty of online marketing is that it gives you methods to correct your mistakes & turn them around.

Still doing the basic Online Reputation Management?

Maintaining a brand’s online reputation is hygiene & if after a decade you’re still not doing ORM regularly then it’s a shame.

ORM is not about segmenting your brand mentions into negative, positive & neutral. This used to happen donkey years ago. Processes are quite advanced now & if you’re still using free tools then you really need to think things through.

Especially if you’re into a growing business and your consumers reach out to you through social media then you need to invest time and little money in getting yourself a proper social listening tool & you need to put in a method to respond to your customers.

In case you haven’t started yet & are still looking to book a domain name:
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You can go for the basic versions of the best & affordable tools in the market. Get a free trial & see if this works for you. An investment of a few bucks a day is going to save you a lot of bucks.

Even after you get a tool to drive ORM; remember the process you need to fix & follow:

1) Listen to your customers & what they’re talking about online
2) Respond to the query by accepting that the issue has occurred you’ll be looking into it
3) Ensure your customer that their query will be resolved within [most reasonable timeline]
4) Solve the issue within the timeline
5) Close the conversation on the same platform where the user had initially complained

All of this put together will help you win your customers trust & will attract more people. 

It is not so complicated. When you can work so hard to build a product & a name don’t let it go because of negligence.

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