How to maintain a steady growth in Organic Traffic

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A website may generate a lot of traffic but the organic traffic is the most precious to its owners. Organic traffic builds over a period of time after a consistent effort and regular optimization.

If your website has all of a sudden started showing a decline in its organic traffic then you need to quickly understand why it happened, and then follow a few steps to fix it immediately.

Before you begin you need to know that just because a website is created & you’ve taken care of all SEO basics doesn’t mean your job is done. Declining organic traffic is just one, but eventually more issues will be created if you don’t optimize your website.

Two most common & obvious reasons that can cause organic traffic drop;

(a) A competitor has suddenly made its way to the top position because it has more ranking keywords than yours
(b) You’ve slowed down on your regular optimization & new content creation

Here are steps that will guide you to better the organic traffic & maintain a steady growth. 

Check the performance of your top performing keywords

Conduct an in-depth analysis of each of your top keywords and find anything that looks odd.

Check on search engines if there are any other sites running ads on your top performing keywords & driving traffic away from your website. 

Found a live example on Google.

The first ad of “Insatnt Repair Helpline” is of another company using the brand keyword of Samsung.

Samsung - AdWord
Most users will click on the first link because it is the first result & gives the impression of being the authentic website. Most users’ can’t identify the credibility of the ad, Google has not been able to.
If you find similar ads then you must immediately report it to Google. Otherwise other unauthorized dealers will keep making money out of your name & may also bring bad name to your brand.

If you are not facing this issue then you need to check for optimizing the pages linked to your top performing keywords & look for any tracking code that could’ve gone missing.

Check pages that are very old & probably discontinued

While adding content to a new website people don’t think through and create pages that may not be required at a later stage.

Sometimes pages that become unwanted are deleted & often without doing any redirection or any other measures to hide them from search results.

Such discontinued pages create poor rankings.

To overcome this you need to be careful of every page that you’re creating and set necessary rules whenever necessary. Be wary of the pages that you’re creating for short term use. If it can be added to an existing page without making any drastic changes then you must do that.

Analyze Pageviews & Bounce Rates Carefully

This is a little more detailed exercise but you can start with the previously most performing pages. Start with just the top 50 or top (pages that bring most traffic). Understand how pageviews & bounce rates have been affected for these pages (if at all).
After adding more information on certain existing pages on the website or after changing the design& structure of the Webpage we end up confusing the repeat visitors. They are already familiar & used to the pages they visit, and they don’t have time to figure out a new structure to begin with. How much ever you can avoid, you must avoid this.

These are basic & broad level changes that will help in maintaining a steady organic growth. But if this does not help then you’ll need your analytics & SEO experts to see what must have gone wrong. Some issues are not easily identified but can always be fixed.

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