Three key rules to make Personalization work for your new business

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Personalization has been the most used method in marketing in the last three to five years. It sounds quite easy because how difficult is it to personalize content for customers’ basis their behaviour with you?  Right?

Well, the way this method is being practiced now is quite mundane and is slowly losing its authenticity.

More customers make decisions basis what is recommended to them, what best suits them and how smartly a brand communicates with them. Personalization is supposed to bridge this gap, but lately it’s being driven using an outdated formula.

“If you don’t connect with your customers at their every interaction point with you then you’ll never be able to give a holistic personalized experience”

Adding your customer’s name in the subject line is not personalization. Yet most of us still do this kind of basics and settle with it.

Start to track the last interaction your customer has with you & through which channel every single time. Only after that decide whether you want to send a customized service, a detailed brochure, upsell another product or just simply call them.

Don’t ever get into the mass emailing rut which has a dotted line objective. Honestly, it doesn’t help.

“First listen to the questions of your customers and then work on bettering their experience”

Most of the times we keep working towards making new products, and building new services and designing offers that we’re proud of. More than often your customers are looking for something specific and no value-added service will ever make them happy.

If they have asked for an e-statement of their bank account, you can’t ask them to download a mobile application.

First, fulfil your customer’s requirement and after that talk to them about whatever it is you want them to do. Shoving everything at once will make them detest you.

“Spend more time analyzing your customers’ behaviour before mindless retargeting”

Have you ever bought a product online and then observed ads showing the same product again?

In an ideal world, no one person will repeat their product purchase immediately after the first one.

And as an owner you won’t try to sell the same product again to that customer. You will always show them similar products, or linked products.

Monitor your activities well and customize each stage basis the last transaction.

Best example of personalization is by Netflix. They personalize your experience by keeping in mind the time you watch the shows, the kind of shows you watch, at what time you pause and how much time you spend on it.

Don’t overdo personalization to the point of annoying your customer away. Keep in touch with them while giving them enough breathing space.



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