Facebook to push non-promoted posts to secondary feed?

Non-Promoted Posts on Facebook

Earlier this month during an interview with Mike Allen, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said that, “Facebook is not a media house.” She stated that they are still a tech company at heart that hires engineers and not journalists.

So, “is Facebook a media house?”

Let’s find out.

Yes, Facebook is responsible for distributing information to billions, run targeted advertising to help brands reach the right audience. They are also coming up with their new channel with original series.

Undeniably there are not one but quite a few similarities in the way popular media houses function and the way Facebook functions. With every passing year, more and more brands join Facebook for purely advertising purposes. Facebook consciously makes changes to better its advertising for brands. The focus, if you see, has always been on building engagement, pushing relevant traffic to websites, capturing leads and driving sales through custom audience. Facebook has always worked on solving a lot of brand issues from advertising.

It is now trying out pushing non-promoted posts to a secondary tab and keeping friends feed and sponsored content to a primary tab. This is being tested in a few countries like Bolivia, Cambodia, Guatemala, Serbia, Slovakia, and Sri Lanka. Brands have already started seeing a drop in their organic reach by about two third which has been the lowest ever.

It’s not the first-time Facebook introduced a new feature that drastically affected the performance of many brands.

Back in the year 2012 Facebook reduced its organic reach by about 40% where brands could no longer reach their own fans. Mind you, most of which were bought using Facebook Like ads.

Through its algorithm, Facebook tries to show users what they have interacted with the most in their news feed. Basis the profile and interactions of the user they see sponsored ads. Content that reaches you on Facebook seems to be quite balanced with friends feed and news feed both coexisting wonderfully.

If the new change in pushing non-promoted posts to another tab comes into being then brands will have to stop creating content that they don’t want to promote.

Isn’t it a wastage of time and effort to create content that has no potential of reaching the right audience? Or some audience? Any audience?

No there is no chance.

The reach of organic posts is anyway really low, thanks to Facebook’s always changing policies. If Facebook explicitly tries to push non-promoted brand content under a separate tab then the chances of survival of non-promoted organic posts will further reduce.

Do we ever really log into Facebook to check what brands are posting?

That is never a primary objective & never will be.

Jumping back to the first point of, “is Facebook a media house?”

Yes it most certainly is. Pushing of organic content into a tab where it may not get noticed at all will only make brands opt for sponsored content. The obvious strategy of Facebook is to slowly leave brands with one option which is to buy media on the platform.


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